Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Lizard (It Chose You) Boss Fight: How to beat the boss and clear the mission

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Lizard (It Chose You) Boss Fight: How to beat the boss and clear the mission

Curt Connors (aka Lizard) is a doctor in the Marvel Universe. Classically known as one of the Spider-Man’s oldest foes, the character which is much less of a villain in this game and more of a victim. Provoked by Kraven the Hunter need for a great Hunt, the Lizard is going to rampage around the New York City.

It chose you is the 22nd in the main story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter to go after Doctor Connors after is escaped in New Threads. This mission is exclusive to Peter.

The Objective of this Mission

  • Use the tracker to locate Dr. Connors
  • Locate Dr. Connors
  • Search for Clues
  • Fight Lizard
  • Follow Lizard
  • Takedown Lizard

Abilities to Use

If you want to beat the Lizard in battle, you will need to combo a few of Spider-Man’s abilities and time correctly for an advantage. Spider-Man 2 has revamped some old abilities seen in the previous game, and added in some new ones in the mix. The abilities to look out for are:

  • Parry – Spider-Man 2 has added the parry ability to counter your opponent’s attacks. Parry lets you deflect the Lizard’s attack, leaving him vulnerable and susceptible to damage for a short while.
  • Web Shooters – The Lizard is not that fond of your webs, and that makes it the perfect weapon for attacks. Just shoot out your webs and get a few hits in once you see the beast struggling to get the webs off.
  • Gadgets – Gadgets can definitely help you distract your opponent if you need to heal up or take a breather between the Lizard’s three-part battle.
  • Spider Sense – Your spider sense is quite helpful if you pay attention to its color. The sense will turn red immediately when it senses an incoming attack, giving you enough time to prepare for a dodge.
  • Symbiote Powers – You can also use your Venom powers to shoot out black webs and get an upper hand in this battle.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Lizard : It Chose You


Despite the best efforts of Peter and Miles, they weren’t able to prevent the Lizard from escaping at the end of New Threads. As such, Peter decides to take matters in his own hands and hunts down Dr. Connors to the Upper West side. Swing to the objective to start the mission in the sewers.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2  Lizard Walkthrough

How to beat Lizard?

1. Phase 1: Dodge Crush Attacks

During It Chose You Mission in the main storyline, you will have to fight the Lizard as boss fight in the game. Dr. Connors will be employing Crush attacks that could neither be parried nor blocked during Phase 1 of the boss fight, so make sure you dodge these attacks when executed.

— Swing along the Room to Gain Distance

Be sure to traverse around the area when you feel, like you’re being cornered and bombarded with the Lizard’s attacks.

2. Phase 2: Open the Yellow Vents

During the Phase 2 of the boss fight, will sometimes be standing nearby one of the yellow surfaced vents.

Press L1 and R1 to open it and momentarily stun him, which will give you an opening to attack him.

3. Phase 3: Follow the Lizard

A cutscene will play out after you have defeated the Dr. Connors, which shows him making fun of it with Spider-Man.

Chase after his tail and don’t lose sight of him during Phase 3 of the boss fight.

— Avoid the Projectiles

Kraven’s henchmen will also be chasing the Dr. Coo with their own set of aerial vehicles. They will be shooting at him throughout the whole chase, so be sure not to get caught in the line of fire.

Be sure to use your Spider-Sense abilities to dodge the bullets that will be aiming towards you.

— Climb up the Building

During the progression of the entire chase sequences, you will be forced to follow the Lizard up a building alongside a Jeep attached to him. Make sure that dodge the falling debris and bombarding Jeep along the path when you follow him.

4. Phase 4: Deflect or Jump Away from his attacks

During the Phase 4 of the boss fight, you could choose to either deflect his attacks by pressing L1 or jump away to avoid unnecessary damage.

— Open the Red Vents this time

Like earlier, opening any red-surfaced vents when the Connors is near will cause him to be momentarily stunned. Unleash a barrage of attacks against him to deal significant damage.

— Web him up, Then use web-strike

Shoot your web projectiles at the Lizard by pressing L1 to web him up. Follow it up with a Web-strike by pressing Triangle when the opportunity presents itself for good measure. After defeating him, a cutscene will play out.

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