Apex Legends glitch allows players to hide inside the supply box

Apex Legends glitch allows players to hide inside the supply box

Apex Legends is now in its Season 14, and it has brought a number of new changes to the battle royale game. A new character, Vantage, has been added to the roster. However, Season 14 known as Hunted, has also introduced some less positive things that have hampered some players’ in-game experience. In particular, some players have experienced some glitches while playing.

Like most seasons, players have experienced some unintended glitches while playing matches in Apex Legends in Season 14. Since the release of the upcoming content, Respawn Entertainment has issued a patch note that has addressed a number of problems faced by players like issues with the Rampart and Seer Skins that causes games to crash when collecting a banner. However, one of the most recent bugs continues to persist, which is ruining the gameplay experience for some players.​


​Some players have found a bug involving supply bins in Apex Legends, gamers have discovered that Legends can hide inside the supply bins, and some have already started taking advantage of this to launch surprise attacks on other players.

Recently, a Twitch streamer named TTVsnaps shared a clip from his match showing how annoying it can be in a battle royale game.

​The video involves TTVSnaps, where the streamer runs towards a supply bin in the updated Kings Canyon map. They likely wanted to grab some supplies as they were rotating towards the zone. However, something unexpected happened as the streamer opened the supply bin and the octane suddenly popped out. Before the streamer had time to react, he was knocked down and finished by the opposing squad.

For those interested in knowing how this glitch works, it appears that this glitch is caused by supply bins located next to the walls, such as the one in this video clip shared by Skeptation. To activate this glitch, the player needs to stand on top of the crate when it’s opened. They then have approximately 3 seconds to jump inside the supply bin before it closes again. While this gitch can catch unsuspecting players off guard, character weapons can potentially clip through the boundaries of the supply bin and can be seen by players who are paying attention.

It will be quite interesting to see how Respawn Entertainment is going to respond to this supply bin glitch in Apex Legends. Given that this bug could deal with the integrity of competitive matches, it seems likely that developers will prioritize its removal. However, till the time this bug is resolved gamers should pay close attention while opening the supply bins.

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