Apex Legends Mobile – Release Date, Developer

Apex Legends Mobile – Release Date, Developer

Mobile gamers will soon be able to enjoy Apex Legends on their smartphones after EA announced that their plans for launching the game on mobile devices.

As Modern-day smartphones continue to improve, mobile gaming is becoming more viable and many of the top developers are currently focusing on creating versions of their game on mobile devices.

Image Source – EA Games, YouTube

Some games have made the leap to mobile early, games – Player’s Unknown Battle Ground and Call of Duty franchise got massive success. Now, Apex Legends Mobile is next in store for the treatment.

Which company is developing Apex Legends Mobile?

EA games first hinted at some of their plans for the popular battle royale game’s shift to mobile platforms during a company conference call in 2019.

Since then plans have put into motion as Tencent has allegedly onboard as the developer of the game. According to the reports of IGN India. Having ported Call of Duty to mobile devices, the Chinese company already has the wealth of experience in the field.

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Moreover, Respawn Entertainment is keeping a close eye on the production in a supervisory role.

According to the company, almost 30% of Apex Legends players were entirely new to EA and their games, so releasing the game on more platforms should open to an even larger audience who may be interested in some of their other games as well.

Apex legends Mobile Release Date

In October 2019, EA announced that a mobile version of Apex Legends is targeted to release in 2022. The release date since then has been adjusted.

The mobile part of Apex Legends is now set to release at the beginning of July or end of September.

Will Apex Legends be available on iPhone and Android?

Although there is no official confirmation on the official release date of the mobile version of the game, it has been confirmed that Apex Legends will be available on both IOS and Android.

Image Source – dailystar.co.uk

EA games CEO also highlighted ‘ Mobile, in particular, is a category that spans across all of that”. Months later and we now have a clear picture of what devices will be compatible.

You will need an A11 bionic chip on your Apple device to run the game. This means iPhone 8 or anything above will be able to play the game. Meanwhile, Android users will need a Snapdragon 625 processor or better.

As it is a technical game with a number of huge maps, it’s a tall order for old mobile devices to run a demanding game.

Given that we’re still months away from the game’s release, these plans could change as developing countries.

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