Apex Legends Season 8 – lag and connection issues

Apex Legends Season 8 – lag and connection issues

Apex Legends is currently struggling with intense lag and connection issue which has led to notable community members and players labelling the game as a joke.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game but it has been struggling to overcome some issues with lag and connection issues.

The beloved shooter from Respawn is getting slammed by its player base for a number of issues preventing the game from being remotely enjoyable but issues should be fixed soon.

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Apex Legends was launched in 2019 in the wake of games like Fortnite and PUBG taking over the gaming to the next level. Players responded very well to it as a fresh new take on the genre that was being quickly filled up with relatively uninspired cash grabs.

The free-to-play title was a spinoff of Respawn entertainment Titanfall series but has largely stood on its own, building its own trend and fan base over the last few years.

The game has been showered with praises and appreciation by the players as its gameplay is fluid, fun and easy to understand, not unlike Titanfall series.

The battle royale title even features unique heroes who have various special abilities to help in combat, something few other games have managed to do successfully. Even though games like Call of duty Warzone have become more popular since then, but Apex Legends is till holding the ground.

Loyal fans of Apex Legends are losing their patience. Season 8 of the game introduced a lot of bugs like error messages and infinite loading screens. Players also noted intense lagging, causing them to fly back through the walls and rubberband in combat.

Some players have noted they haven’t played much of the game since the season began as the connection issues are becoming too much to bear.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed on Trello that it is investigating the and will hopefully fix the issues soon.

It won’t take long to fix the issues. Given the size of the team and the resources, they likely have at their dispersal won’t take long to patch something as severe as this.

After all EA Games and Respawn entertainment won’t like to lose it’s Apex Legends player base. Still, it’s not a good look when something like this can disrupt the image of a great game like this.

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