Call of Duty Warzone new glitch lets players through walls

Call of Duty Warzone new glitch lets players through walls

A new Call of Duty Warzone glitch has emerged that allows players to see through walls on the Gulag MAP.

Wall Glitch in Call of Duty Warzone

A new Glitch in Call of Duty Warzone gives the player the ability to see through walls, outlining where opponents are in the Gulag. The battle royale mode has now become known for its glitches and bugs, leading to concerns that the game is no longer fair or balanced.

Activision responded by banning 60,000 accounts in February, that were accused of using popular hacks and were kicked from Warzone permanently.

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In the last month alone, Raven software has already been forced to remove the Armored Royale playlist from Warzone after players discovered a bug that allowed them to become invisible.

This has been a problem for the game as there have been many glitches that allow the player to get distinct advantages like – becoming invisible, see-through walls, etc.

A recent glitch in the game prevented users from getting weapons XP or getting hit markers when shooting at opponents.

Call of Duty Warzone has its fair share of glitches and bugs but the latest exploit in the battle royale game allows players to see through walls. On Reddit, a user posted a video showing how a glitch in the Gulag map allows him to see through walls.

It is not exactly clear what triggered the bug or how, but other users within the Reddit thread below the footage also commented that they also experienced it. This will likely be an issue that the game developers will have to fix as soon as possible.

While most of the bugs in Call of Duty Warzone have a negative effect on gameplay, some have been somewhat beneficial. A new bug in the game was discovered this week by YouTuber JGOD. He discovered a way to unlock and use the Sykov pistol in Warzone ahead of its official launch as part of the season 2 update.

It seems like, with every update, the developers are introducing new problems that allow players to gain an unfair advantage by making use of exploit bugs. Hopefully, Raven Software will be able to fix this glitch before it becomes a widespread problem.

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