Ninja: Fortnite Streamer quit the game due to stream sniping

Ninja: Fortnite Streamer quit the game due to stream sniping

Famous video game streamer Ninja said that he will stop streaming the renowned Battle Royal game Fortnite due to stream sniping.

Tyler Blevins is also known as “Ninja” may have moved on from Fortnite, the game which made him famous, but after a series of stream snipers in his last casual dabble with the sandbox title, he’s going to leave it behind for good.

Ninja streaming career kicked off a little over 7 years ago, be he gained popularity on Twitch as Fortnite Streamer, eventually becoming one of the most recognizable and successful streamer in the world.

He’s credited with bringing Fortnite even greater success and was eventually immortalized in-game with his very own official custom skin. At the height of his extremely lucrative career.

Ninja Fortnite Skin

Ninja was frequently associated with Fornite and vice versa, and his fanbase hugely expanded and bounds during his tenure as a competitive Fortnite streamer.

However Ninja’s career eventually came to an end, and after seeing an exclusive deal with Twitch, he moved on to other competitive games like Valorant and League of Legends, while also looking to expand his horizons into voice acting and other ventures.

Although he no longer plays Fortnite competitively, he does still eventually wander back into the game to play casually on stream.

But a recent streamed, which was captured and was being reposted, saw few players looking for bragging rights reportedly stream – sniping Ninja 4 consecutive times. It was enough to prompt the former Fortnite start to disavow the game’s player base, and then he announced that he no longer stream any of his casual Fortnite sessions, so as not to give stream snipers platform.

Ninja has cried wolf about stream snipers in the best, so it’s easy to be sceptical of his claims, but he shared in his stream that it was the same culprit behind all 4 stream snipes.

It draws to attention what can be the unfortunate price of fame for any popular streamers – they will be targeted more often, particularly by those just looking to capitalize on their fame with bragging rights.

Of course, this isn’t easy sympathize with considering just how much money Ninja earns from live streaming, but that doesn’t disqualify Ninjas from his rights to enjoy a casual game of Fortnite in peace.

So while the presence Ninja on Fortnite will no longer be streamed, that’s a decision that will hopefully accomplish exactly – a chance to forget about views, forget about fame, and just enjoy the game without worrying about being stream sniped.

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