Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Every Villain Helping in-game

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Every Villain Helping in-game

While Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will put players in control of iconic DC villains, additional recognizable rogues will also appear as supporting characters. Rocksteady’s upcoming co-shooter will let fans fight in the streets of Metropolis as Task Force X attempts to kill the Justice League and defeat Brainiac.

The main playable DC characters in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League –

  • Harley Quinn
  • Deadshot
  • Captain Boomerang
  • King Shark

But DC fans will also encounter other recognizable villains too.

Each of the Suicide Squad members in the game should be well-known to DC fans, with their unique powers and personalities adding variety to the live-service shooter. Harley Quinn will return from Rockstady’s previous Batman Arkham games, joining Task Force X following the death of Joker, Deadshot, another recurring Arkham villain, will also return equipped with a powerful Jetpack.

Arkham newcomers Captain Boomerang and King Shark round out the cast of playable anti-heroes, creating a truly colorful cast. However in, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will include even more iconic DC villains to support players.

1 Penguin

Penguin in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Easily the most recognizable Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League supporting character is Oswald Cobblepot, the crime known as the Penguin. Cobblepot was introduced to the Arkhamverse in Batman: Arkham City before returning in both Arkham Origins and Arkham Knights. Rocksteady’s version of Penguin is instantly recognizable, with the bottom of a glass bottle stuck into his left eye to resemble monocle, and he is set to return in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

Cobblepot will reportedly supply players with weapons, fitting his status as an arms dealer, but his rocky history with Harley Quinn could make the alliance unsteady.

2 Gizmo

Gizmo in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Another Member of Support Squad recently appeared in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League gameplay in Mikron O’Jeneus, the recognizable villain known as Gizmo. The mechanical genius is often portrayed as a nemesis of the Superman and Teen Titans series, having made his most notable appearance in the beloved animated Teen Titans series from the mid-2000s.

The talented tinkerer can create weaponry out of otherwise ordinary objects, a skill he will use to provide Task Force X with insane vehicle creations, to help them kill the Justice League.

3 Toyman

Toyman in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Another member of the Support Squad, Toyman will reportedly help players build up and perfect their unique gear load-outs to help drive progression throughout the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League combat and gameplay.

The Toyman alias has been used by both the villains and heroes on the page of DC Comics, with the most notable users, being old-school Superman Rogue Winslow Percival Schott and the modern crimefighter Hiro Okamura.

It still remains unclear which specific version of Toyman will be featured in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. However, a short glimpse at the Task Force X member demonstrates that he maintains his namesake’s fascination with toys and gimmicks.

4 Hack

Hack in Suicide Squad Kill  the Justice League

Perhaps the most obscure member of Suicide Squad KTJLLeague cast is Zalika, an African metahuman also known as Hack. First appearing in the pages of Suicide Squad back in 2016, Hack is a technomancer who is able to control and transport herself through computers.

Rocksteady had interpreted the character as a digital ghost, who may die in Suicide Squad KTJL but continue to project her spirit outside of her body using her electronic abilities. Hack will help Task Force X traverse Metropolis, possibly by quickly traveling through the internet, as well as upgrade their neck bombs to unknown effect.

Lex Luthor in Suicide Squad KTJL

5 Lex Luthor

While he doesn’t seem to be directly associated with Task Force X, Superman’s most iconic villain Lex Luthor will appear in Suicide Squad KTJL to defend Metropolis. The genius super-villain will seemingly use his resources and intellect to try killing the Justice League. with Flash as his target.

In one trailer, Lex Luthor is seen wearing his iconic green power armor, though this suit seems to be destroyed before the Suicide Squad must rescue him from the Flash’s clutches. With Superman arguably serving as Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League’s most terrifying Justice League, Luthor will no doubt play a crucial role in taking down his old rival.

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