Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League requirements for solo players

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League requirements for solo players

Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is set to have an always-online requirement for anyone who is playing solo. With a leaked battle pass for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League being a worrying sign that live-service elements will be included in the game, it always requires players to be online, whether when playing with friends alone is another sign that the title will deviate greatly from Rocksteady’s previous work.

As the highly anticipated continuation of Arkham Universe is closer to getting released, some details, including the brutality confirmed to be in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, will no doubt make fans even more excited, but others might detract from picking up.

The always online requirement especially can be seen as cause for concern over the game’s longevity, as without a future update allowing offline play, it will only be playable for however long servers remain active.

The online requirement was discovered by a Twitter User named Wario69 who posted a screenshot of the FAQ page on the website of the game, which states that an internet connection is required for solo or online co-op.

Other details found about the game in the screenshot

  • full cross-platform will be supported
  • reaffirms that game is an original story and has no bearing on any movies that follow characters in DC Universe.

Reactions to this discovery have been negative from fans, with many stating that they will not purchase the game and others claiming it will be dead on its arrival. One joked about the game dying faster than Square Enix’s Avengers, which is not the first time comparisons have been brought up between it and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League after the latter User Interface had been leaked.

Fans had unfavorably compared the two and began to worry that Rocksteady’s latest project would be a live-service title, and the online-only requirement can be seen as confirming this.

With this development, it appears that for DC fans who want solo-focused expertise that seemingly does not have anything like an-in game store or battle pass, the only game they have to look forward to is the upcoming Wonder Woman game from Monolith.

Although Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League could still stand out as a fun-multiplayer-focused game that continues the Arkham verse, many are likely going to approach the game with an air of caution if things like being only-online have not scared them off entirely.

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