Is Justice League 2 still happening after the hiring of James Gunn?

Is Justice League 2 still happening after the hiring of James Gunn?

The hiring of James Gunn as one of the CEOs of DC studios has ended up changing Warner Bros. Discovery’s plans for Justice League 2. Since 2017, the DC Universe (formerly known as DCEU) hasn’t had the Justice League together on the big screen despite other franchises in the universe going forward.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

While Zack Snyder’s Justice League cut ended up getting released on HBO Max, that version of the film is still not considered the canon for the larger DC Universe. Instead, Zack Snyder cut was retroactively established to exist in its own universe.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the hiring of James Gunn has shaken up the studio’s plans for Justice League 2. As per the new report by the trade, Warner Bros. Pictures Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy wanted at least one more installment with established Justice League actors.

However, that was prior to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s starting making a 10-year plan for the DC Universe. Neither James Gunn nor Peter Safran, nor anyone from DC studios has made any comments regarding Justice League 2.

What Justice League 2 Could’ve Looked Like?

Justice League 2

So far, it’s still unclear who would have written or directed Justice League 2, as there was no creative team mentioned in the initial report. At this point, since the Studio still considers Joss Whedon’s Justice League to be canon for DCU, they would have to work off to that installment and everything that has followed since 2017.

Even though Whedon’s cut is still been regarded as canon for several years, that was part of the old Warner Bros regimen, but now new DC studios may very well want to distance themselves from 2017’s disaster. What is easier to guess, is who would have likely been part of the line-up for Justice League 2.

While Henry Cavil has recently returned to the DCU as Superman, it’s more than likely that he would have been part of the Justice League. Other characters that would probably be part of it too were Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, and whoever stands as Batman after the events of the Flash movie.

In terms of Barry Allen himself, it’s unclear whether Erza Miller will still continue to play the role of Flash. The Flash in the movies following their multiple legal controversies in 2022.

Justice League 2 may have also been the film where Zachery’s Levi’s Shazam would join the Justice League and even featured Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

But, the question still is

Can Justice League 2 still happen?

Justice League 2 Zack Snyder

Even after the hiring of James Gunn, it’s not impossible that a sequel of Justice League could still happen. If Peter Safran and James Gunn are not rebooting the entire franchise, it’s possible their new plan for DCU next decade will simply start with a brand new slate of films featuring original Justice League actors which will lead to the next team-up installment.

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