Ghost Rider: 10 Deadliest Villains ranked from weakest to strongest

Ghost Rider: 10 Deadliest Villains ranked from weakest to strongest

The Ghost Rider comic series successful is its desire to add to the history of the character, regardless of who holds the mantle. The series can be read as one large epic, following the flame-headed biker across America as he searches for peace and forgiveness. But many stepped between Ghost rider during his journey through time.

Whether it be Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, or even Robbie Reyes, there has been a multitude of dastardly villains that have crept into the pages of Ghost Rider, and with a hero that looks as terrifying as the Rider.

Top 10 strongest and deadliest villains of Ghost Rider.

10. Deathwatch

Basic InformationName Unrevealed
Current Alias Deathwatch
Aliases Stephen Lords
Affiliation Affiliation Hood’s army of criminals
Marital Status Single
Physical CharacteristicsGender Male
Height 6’1
Weight 200lbs (90.72 kg)
Eyes Irises: Red
Hair Red
Origin and Living Status Origin Demon
Living Status Alive
Reality Earth 616
Personal InformationIdentity Secret
Occupation Trans lord oh his dimension
crime lord
Creators and AppearancesCreators Howard Mackie, Javier
First Ghost Rider (Vol.3) #1
(March 1990)

The first of many villains that pledged that plagued Danny Ketch’s life, Deathwatch was much more than the leader of a criminal enterprise. The masked madman was actually a Translord dimensional being who desired to further his power by devouring humans and stealing Ghost Rider’s Medallion of Power.

After his defeat at the hands of Danny Ketch, Deathwatch was resurrected and continued to fight the Rider and his comrades by working alongside the soulless man, Centurions. He has since made a few He has since made a few small appearances in the Marvel Universe.

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9. Blackheart

9 Blackheart
9 Blackheart

Son of the Hell Lord Mephisto, Blackheart has been trouble for many heroes in the Marvel Universe. From Daredevil to Wolverine, Blackheart is a conniving as his father, Ghost Rider had first battled against Blackheart during Howard Mackie’s story, Hearts of Darkness, alongside Wolverine and Punisher. They would team up again when Blackheart appears once more to kill his father and take the throne in Dark Design.

8. Centurious


Centurious spent his lifetime gathering power after he sold his soul to Mephisto and became an immortal. He is also one of the few villains that managed to defeat Ghost Rider after he trapped Johnny Blaze in the ancient artifact, the Crystal of Souls, before he was freed once again. Sometime later, Centurious fought against the new Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, from the shadows of his many organizations.

Centurious is a dangerous villain because of his high level of intelligence and intense power. But his ability to further his reach with his many churches and groups make him one of the deadly Ghost Rider villains.

7. Blackout

7 Blackout
7 Blackout

Being a child of Lilith is not even what makes Blackout a deadly Ghost Rider villain. It’s his stealth and ruthlessness that keep him popping up over the years to wreak havoc. Whoever the target, women, or children. Blackout does not rest until he murders his opponent.

Blackout is able to construct a field of darkness all around him, which come in handy when he stalked Ghost Rider and learned of his secret identity. This led to him murdering Ketch’s comatose sider, Barbara. Blackout was even portrayed by Johnny Whitworth in the 2011 movie, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance.

6. Lilith

6 Lilith
6 Lilith

The Mother of Demons, Lilith, was accidentally released from her prison and began to gather her children again for world domination. It is because of her that Doctor Strange decided to form the Midnight Suns.

Lilith only became more deadly when she joined forces with the likes of Centuirous and the demon Zarathos later on in the series. She was last seen redesigned for ED Borrison’s series, where she wanted to gather her own group of rogue demons and overthrow Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) as the ruler of Mephisto’s realm.

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5. Zarathos

5 Zarathos
5 Zarathos

The spirit that once merged with Johnny Blaze to create Ghost Rider, Zarathos was first an ancient god-like demon who would feed on the souls of humans. He was so powerful, in fact, that Mephisto himself, one of the main Avengers comic book villains, feared the demon and worked with mortal Centurious to defeat him.

When Zarathos was seperated from Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider) in the 1983 finals issue, he mysteriously fused with Centurious until he once again freed himself. It was then that Zarathos teamed up with Lilith and his past followers, the fallen, to take over the world.

4. Lucifer

4 Lucifer
4 Lucifer

Lucifer is not to be confused with Mephisto, Lucifer is one of the many Hell Lords that inhabit the Marvel Universe. Lucifer has taken credit for Johnny Blaze becoming the Ghost Rider once again and using him to enter the human plain and wreak havoc.

Like many of his demon counterparts, Lucifer commands an army of followers and has a vast array of powers, including fire manipulation, taking on many forms, and committing possessions as well. Obviously he is not to be trusted, Lucifer is extremely cunning, constantly thinking multiple moves.

3. Nightmare

3 Nightmare
3 Nightmare

The ruler of the dream dimension, Nightmare has tortured all those who visit from the waking world. In his realm, Nightmare reigns supreme and is able to control the landscape and himself, as he rides his black horse, Dreamstalker. He has been feeding on the dreams of people for eons and in doing so has the run into the likes of Doctor Strange, a character who has many unforgettable quotes in the MCU, as well as Ghost Rider.

Both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch as Ghost Rider, with Nightmare seemingly to always have a vital piece of information about Ghost Rider’s mysterious past.

2. Zadkiel

2 Zadikel
2 Zadikel

A rogue angel from heaven, Zadkiel is responsible for taking over Paradise and brainwashing Dan Ketch to kill all Ghost RIders to absorb their power.

Zadikel is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as seen when he takes on an army of angels by himself. The angel also wields a large flaming sword that he used to slice the recently deceased Caretaker’s soul and scatter it about time and space. On top of all his powers, Zadikel has a large army of angelic followers known as the Black Host, who obey his every command.

1. Mephisto

1 Mephisto
1 Mephisto

The greatest foe of the long Ghost Rider history is the diabolical Hell-lord, Mephisto. The demon has tricked the brothers time and time again as ravaged the universe in his own twisted gain.

Mephisto has tangled with many Marvel heroes since he made his first appearance in the pages of the The Silver Surfer #3 from 1968. With an army of demons at his disposal and unlimited power, Mephisto is a force to be with for any god, hero, or mutant.

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