Is Knull going to be the major villain in MCU?

Is Knull going to be the major villain in MCU?

Multiple events happened in Phase 4 laying the ground for Knull to join the MCU as a major villain. A fairly recent addition to Marvel’s stable of characters, Knull (God of Symbiotes) is a top-tier threat and an antagonist easily capable of serving as a Thanos-level villain in a future Marvel Project.

Kang fights the Avengers

The MCU’s Multiverse Saga already has a clear villain Kang the Conqueror, but that’s not to say that he is the only threat to the Avengers. As Jonathan Major seems to be busy with his role as Kang over the next few years, he won’t be there in every MCU movie and show between now and the end of the Multiverse Saga.

The MCU is likely to juggle several villains as the Multiverse Saga plays out, while also providing a gradual setup for villains capable of succeeding Kang in Phase 7 and beyond. In fact, one Marvel Comics character stands out as a top candidate for Marvel’s new villain. Here we have listed all the incidents which prove God of Symbiotes could be the next major villain.

Introduction of Celestials in Eternals

Celestail in Eternals
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The crux of Knull’s arc already has a presence in MCU. Years after introducing the Celestials in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel fully delved into the concept of the SPACE Gods in Phase 4’s Eternals movie. Thanks to the Film, Marvel fleshed out a key part of Knull’s story. In the comics, King in Black has born hatred against the celestials, with whom he shares a history that goes back several millennia.

Just as it is in the MCU, the Celestials are responsible for all the planets and intelligent life in the universe. Apparently, it was these activities that first incurred the Knull’s wrath.
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Knull is an ancient and evil god, who lives in complete darkness and enjoys his empty, lifeless, world known as the Abyss millions of years ago. Everything changed for the God of Symbiotes when the Celestial entered the Abyss and began populating the universe. with life and planets for its creation to inhabit.

The Celestials intended to coexist with Knull, but he made them his sworn enemies by striking out against them. His conflict with Celestials stretched across millions of years. In a present-day storyline titled ‘King in Black‘, Knull endeavored to wipe out the Celestials and defeat the heroes of the Marvel Universe all in an effort to restore the Abyss to what it was.

Knull vs Celestial

The backbone of the battle with Knull is in place now that the origin of the Marvel Universe has been carried over to the MCU. Like his comic counterpart, God of Symbiotes could be lurking somewhere in Marvel’s world, waiting for his chance to begin his fight against the cosmic beings who brought an end to the darkness.

Since Eternals set up a handful of characters battling the Celestials, it’s possible that the events in Eternals 2 will weaken the Celestials to inspire Knull into action.

The Existence of Venom Symbiote in MCU’s Multiverse Saga

Venom Symbiote in MCU Post credits Scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home
Venom Symbiote in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Another incident linking to Knull can be found in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credit scene. When Venom and Eddie Brock returned to their proper place in the Multiverse, a piece of the symbiote was left behind. As the entity responsible for the creation of all symbiotes, Knull holds a strong connection to this twist.

Having this incredibly important concept in MCU builds credence for the idea that Knull exists, even though Venom’s symbiote is from Earth-616. There could be a Knull in every reality that has a symbiote.

Venom King in Black
Venom King in Black

If Tom Holland’s Spider-Man or an Earth 616 version of Venom ultimately gets it, the MCU will have yet another cornerstone of the ‘King in Black’ crossover. Spider-Man and Venom were the main characters in the event because symbiotes are the biggest weapons. Leading an army of symbiotes dragons, Knull waged war on Marvel Universe, with Venom and Spider-Man being among those who rose up to fight him.

Venom fights Knull

Venom was of particular importance, as it was his link to the symbiote that altered him to Knull’s impending arrival. Knull has absorbed the Venom Symbiote in order to make himself more powerful. Similar events can transpire in MCU, if ‘King in Black’ ever happens.

Knull beat down Venom

Gorr the God Butcher Necrosword created by Knull

Necrosword in Thor Love and Thunder

Arguably the most direct setup for Knull stems in Thor: Love and Thunder. The sword used by the Gorr the God Butcher is All-Black Necrosword. In the source material, All Black is the very weapon that kicked off Knull’s battle with Celestials. Using his powers he created the sword, making it Marvel’s first symbiote.

With it, he managed to kill the Celestials. Some time afterward, it found its way into the hands of Gorr. Thor Love and Thunder avoided mentioning Knull when laying Gorr’s backstory, but they didn’t rule him out as its creator since it didn’t confirm the weapon’s origins.

Gorr the God Butcher with Necrosword vs Thor

The Necrsword being Knull’s weapon make sense, especially since it’s corrupting Gorr from its symbiotic properties since Gorr wielded the sword.

The Introduction of Ebony Blade in Eternals

Ebony Blade shown in Posts Credit Scene of Eternals
Ebony Blade showed in Posts Credit Scene of Eternals

Not only has the MCU introduced the foundation of Knull’s plan through the symbiotes and the Celestials, but it’s also brought in the key to beating him. In Marvel Comics the Ebony Blade the cursed sword of the Black Knight is made from an unknown meteorite and bears a special enhancement that allows it to cut through nearly any material in Marvel Universe.

Ebony Blade the cursed sword of Black Knight vs Knull

Theoretically, even Thor or Thanos would be killed if Black Knight land a fatal blow with the sword. This also extends to the God of Symbiotes. In spite of its off-the-charts power level, Knull can be killed by the Ebony Blade, which should make it a secret weapon in any story that involves him.

Black Knight and Blade vs Knull

In Introducing Ebony Blade in Eternals, Marvel effectively justified Knull one day arriving on Earth’s doorstep. Off all the places he could go, Earth is now his most logical destination, given that acquiring the Ebony Blade was so important in Marvel Comics.

Dane Whitman as Black Knight

Knull, who knows the destructive potential of Ebony Blade more than Dane Whitman himself, went to great lengths to obtain it. If this is being used in future MCU projects, Knull can target Dane Whitman (Black Knight) and make a play for the sword, thus setting a live-action version of ‘King-in-Black’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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