FAU-G Mobile Game’s Rating Down on Google Play Store

FAU-G Mobile Game’s Rating Down on Google Play Store

FAU-G mobile game, which was launched with huge expectations in India on the 26th January is slowly losing its popularity among and rating on Google Play Store.

As per the latest updates, FAU-G mobile game was rated very high up to 4.5 stars initially but with every passing day, the rating on the Play Store is dropping drastically.

FAU-G was being considered as an alternative of PUBG Mobile, and both of the games were supposed to release on the same date.

There was a rumour that PUBG mobile is going to release in between January 15-20 2021 before the release date of FAU-G, but then came new that both the games are going to release on the same date.

Notable the FAU-G Mobile game currently is only available for Android user on Google Play Store and in the upcoming months should be available for Apple App Store.

Why does FAU-G Mobile Game rating drop?

Last week, the FAU-G’s rating dropped from 3.5 stars but now it has dropped down to 3.1 stars. Most of the users have rated the game with just 1 star because the game was not up to the expectations of the players and lot of people said that the game was very short it hardly took 20 minutes to finish the game and the gameplay is also not that very amazing as it supposed to be.

The experts think that a drastic drop in the rating of the FAU-G on Google Play Store maybe because they believe that those who have given one-star rating may be mostly the ardent fans of PUBG.

Moreover, some users have posted several negative reviews about the game on Playstore, and many of the reviews clearly hint that they have not even played the game.

Even though the rating of FAU-G is dropping on Google Playstore, nCore Games is strongly hopeful that the game will retain momentum in Google Play in the future.

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