Line of Duty: 16 Firefighters Location | Batman Arkham Knight

Line of Duty: 16 Firefighters Location | Batman Arkham Knight

The Line of Duty is one of Gotham’s Most Wanted side missions in Batman Arkham Knight.

After locking up Poison Ivy in GCPD lockup, Aaron Cash mentions a missing crew of firefighters. 16 firefighters are being kidnapped and are being kept in different places throughout the city and each one is tied up and protected by a group of hostiles of increasing difficulty.

Play through the main storyline to get access to all of their locations. Some of them aren’t available until much later in the game. After rescuing the last firefighter you must free the captain and bring him back to the GCPD to finish the mission.

Method of Operation

This mission Line of Duty consists of two parts.

First, you will have to save 16 firefighters – 6 on Bleake Island, 5 on Founder’s Island, and 4 on Miagani Island and Firefighter Chief Underhill.

The game will help you in finding 1-2 firefighters but you have to find the rest of the firefighters on your own.

You can use the detective mode while traveling through the city and look for larger bandit groups.

Each time, you have to take down all the bandits that are bullying the fireman. Once you secure the territory, you can free the hostage firefighter. Depending upon the situation, you should make enemies out of hiding or participate in direct combat.

No matter what the circumstances are, you will not be able to use Batmobile.

Basic Information about the mission

Although it is rather long, this Most Wanted side mission provides a lot of skill points and experience. You can even boost experience gain with the use of gadgets and combo points. As you save the firefighters, you can talk to them two more times. They all also appear in GCPD.
The list of missing firefighter locations shown below is not in any specific order. You can do it in any order that pleases you. The last firefighter, however, is the one you can only save at the end.

Rewards after completing the mission

  • 18 Upgrade Points.
  • Firefighters – Character Showcase Unlocked
  • “Death of Innocents” – Achievement/Trophy
  • Loads of additional Experience Points while doing it.

Firefighters on Bleake Island | Line of Duty

Line of Duty Firefighter on Bleake Island

Firefighter Cannon | Line of Duty Point

You must take care of a group of bandits standing at the back of the building at the water. Before you start the battle, try to use the jammer to sabotage the guns and (if it’s possible) the taser used by three of your enemies.

Once the battle starts, watch out, especially for enemies with tasers and for enemies with shields who must be stunned with the cape and then stomped.

Firefighter Leary-wood | Line of Duty Point

Five bandits with firearms can be found near the imprisoned firefighter. First, eliminate the two enemies patrolling the zone.

Then, land on the roof of the building with the hostage and get inside through the glass ceiling. Activate fear multi-takedown will let you easily eliminate the three remaining thugs.

Firefighter Ashley | Line of Duty Point

Line of Duty Firefighter Ashley

Similarly, like in the previous fight, use the jammer on the bandits with the gun. Additionally, watch out for enemies with knives.

Firefighter Adamson | Line of Duty Point

The fireman is guarded by 6 bandits. Defeating them shouldn’t be hard as there are no eye enemies among them.

Firefighter Wyatt | Line of Duty Point

Line of duty Firefighter Wyatt

You must first secure the pier. Here you will face 6 enemies with guns. A stealth approach is recommended, it will make it much easier to complete this phase.

Start with the bandits patrolling the pier and, once you deal with them, focus on enemies standing near the hostage. You can take care of them by jumping through the shaft and activating the fear takedowns or by spraying and detonating the explosive nearby wall.

Firefighter Norman | Line of Duty Point

You must first neutralize the group of bandits standing near the water. As always, use the jammer on the enemy with the firearms. Once the regular battle starts, watch out for the strong opponent, you must use beat down on him, and also take down the thugs with shields, by stomping them.

Firefighters on Founder’s Island | Line of Duty

Firefighter Scott | Line of Duty

Line of Duty Firefighter Scott

Firefighter Scott can be found on Ryker Heights. Scott is held hostage on the pier on the far north side of Ryker Heights. Once you arrive at the area, deal with the sniper on the lighthouse and a jammer near the trade house on the south side.

Line of Duty Firefighter Scott Founder's Island

For the sniper, you can fly up to him and directly take down the sniper or you can get behind him to take down. The player will not be able to use detective mode as the jammer will be blocking it. You will have to take down the thug using the jammer and destroy it. After this, you can use the beams and grates to deal with other enemies and then free the hostage firefighter.

Firefighter Bliss | Line of Duty

10 thugs can be found here. Once the battle starts try to stop the thugs from reaching towards ammunition boxes, otherwise they can cause trouble, and use the beatdown on 2 stronger opponents.

Firefighter Lozar | Line of Duty

Reaching this Firefighter isn’t going to be easy as the bandits are located inside the building. Explore the territory East from the marker on the map – you must find the interactive hatch and use the batmobile winch on it. Pull out the fragment on the wall and then go to the newly unlocked door.

It’s not the end of trouble as defeating the enemies will be very hard. Before the battle starts, try to sabotage the weapons of some thugs.

Once the fight starts, be cautious of the electrified larger thugs. Then after removing the electricity stun them with a cape and use beat down. In the meantime, watch out for opponents, especially thugs with shields and enemies throwing objects at you.

Firefighter Wilson | Line of Duty

This location is occupied by thugs equipped with guns, just like in previous quests first use disruptors to jam their weapons, then take them down one by one, also be cautious of 3 larger thugs.

Firefighter Taylor | Line of Duty

There are 8 armed thugs in the port. It is recommended to act from hiding. First, eliminate the opponents patrolling the port. Then reach the roof of the building with the hostage. Jump into the room and take out 5 thugs with fear multi multi-takedowns.

Firefighters on Miagani Island | Line of Duty

Line of Duty Firefighter Miagani Island

Firefighter Green | Line of Duty

a group of armed thugs can be found around the hostage fireman. Use the disruptor to sabotage the weapons, and then attack from above using multi-takedowns. Quickly jump towards thugs trying to use their weapons.

Firefighter Hill | Line of Duty

9 thugs can be found near the imprisoned fireman, but you must watch out only for the one that has a gun. If you want to start the battle use fear multi-takedown – this will make you easily take down all the thugs.

Firefighter Richardson | Line of Duty

Firefighter Richardson is at the centerway point. He is protected by a few thugs and some turrets. First off you will want to lure the thugs down the stairs and take them out first. Once they are taken down you can take out the turets. You will need to take down 2 center thugs because they are protecting the other ones. After you take down the middle thugs you can take out the remaining thugs easily from behind.

Firefighter Daniell | Line of Duty

The last fireman is surrounded by a huge number of thugs. Sadly most of them are equipped with guns. Try to use the disruptor to sabotage their guns and then use fear multi-takedown. Try to effectively jump between the targets so you don’t have to use smoke bombs or run away from the fight.

Firefighter Chief Underhill | Line of Duty

Line of Duty Firefighter Chief Underhill

You will come to know about the chief’s location from the last fireman. You must go to the City Vision building located in the northern part of Founder’s Island. Once you reach the destination, use detective mode from a safe distance. You will come to know that there are 16 thugs guarding the fireman chief underhill.

Line of Duty Firefighter Chief Underhill (1)

The stealth approach is the best thing you can use to take out all the thugs – use detective mode to find single enemies, sneak upon them from the back, and perform a silent takedown. If possible avoid using a fear multi-takedown or explosive gel – alarmed enemies will start throwing grenades in the ventilation shafts.

Keep eliminating enemies until a larger group of thugs remains. Only then you should switch to more aggressive ways to take down the thugs.

Line of Duty Firefighter Chief Underhill (2)

Once the area is secure, free the imprisoned Fireman Chief Underhill. After you free him during the conversation with Chief Underhill you come to know that he is the one who is responsible for the fire taking place across the city.

Then Batman will take the chief back to GCPD and lock him up as he risked the life of other firemen, and then Gotham’s Most Wanted Side Mission Line of Duty ends.

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