Marvel Avengers Developer apologizes for Games production.

Marvel Avengers Developer apologizes for Games production.

It’s no secret that Marvel Avengers has struggled to contract with the gaming audience and the game’s support developers have recently apologized for its difficult production process. From minor complaints about Captain America’s costume to larger concerns about Marvel Avengers micro transitions and pay-to-win consumable items, Crystal Dynamics team-based superhero action title has faced an uphill battle to other comic book-based games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman Arkham Series.

This string of bad publicity and disappointing sales figures eventually came up with this announcement that Marvel Avengers will no longer receive any more new content other than planned update2.8 which is to be released in March this year – and that all official support for the game will end in September.

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Marvel Avengers will also be de-listed from all digital outlets. As a consolation for those who have already invested time and money into Marvel Avengers, all of the game’s previously released content will be available for free on March 31st, and players will still be able to access its servers for the foreseeable future.

From Virtuos’ creative director, Virtosu Cezar seems to be well aware of the challenges the troubled live-service Marvel Avengers has faced since its inception and has recently apologized for how the game has turned out the latest of Edge magazine. While Cezar didn’t get into much specific detail, he noted that challenging the troubled-live service Marvel Avengers not reaching the heights that his team was aiming for when it was first released in 2020.

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Virtosu Cezar worked on Marvel’s Avengers under Virtuos, a Singapore-based developer that helped Crystal Dynamics made this game. This studio is also known for doing art support for last year’s Horizon Forbidden West, developing the Nintendo Switch port of XCOM 2 along with Firaxis Games, and aiding Rocksteady with Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Batman: Arkham Series. Cezar himself left Virtuos, in 2020 for Hexworks, where he is now working on the upcoming The Lords of the fallen.

Marvel Avengers Shut Down

Despite moving on to other Studios and projects since its problem-ridden release, Virtosu Cezar is still apologetic for the many issues that plagued the soon-to-shut-down Marvel Avengers nearly 3 years later.

The troubled production he speaks of was just one of these issues, which has unfortunately led to the once promising game abandoning its live-service model before Crystal Dynamics could finish and release all of Marvel’s Avengers originally-planned story and character content.

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