Google Stadia Report reveals why it’s failing

Google Stadia Report reveals why it’s failing

Google Stadia should have made a great impact in the gaming world, but a new report from Bloomberg shows that it has completely crumbled under expectations.

Even with tens of millions of dollars backing it, Google now realizes that it can’t just throw millions of dollars at game development to make it succeed. Even worse than Google Stadia went too big, too fast, accelerating its downfall as there were no games or players to support it.

Google Stadia was set up to have been the future of gaming and it gained help from many gaming companies like – Ubisoft, who helped prominently showcase the technology in its early days. without spending hundreds of dollars on Gaming PC or console, you could simply stream everything from your TV, computer or even phone.

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The service also promised bold features like sharing games saves with other players, allowing someone else to complete the game where the other player left. It had some technical issues but in theory. Google Stadia could have made a great impact on the gaming industry.

Even with great gaming publishers signed on, the biggest hurdle was the extreme lack of games and the concern of players having to buy a game that exists on a server somewhere rather than owning an actual copy of the file.

Report by Bloomberg on Google Stadia

In a report from Bloomberg, Google stadia failed to meet sales expectations for both subscribers and controllers by thousands, the company ended, the company ended up giving controllers for free.

This all happened after the internal team suggested only launching the service in the beta version to allow time for customers to give their precious feedback.

Many felt that the company wouldn’t be able to compete against the standards of Playstation and Xbox if it kept its 2019 release window, which it did. Trouble continued as Google dropped tens of millions into third-party titles, such as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Of course, this service needed games, but pumping what would otherwise serve as budget on other game titles and it was probably wasn’t a great move.

Earlier this month, Google closed this service, shutting down the first development and cancelling all exclusives games in the process. The team was reportedly shut due to Microsoft buying ZeniMax, which spooked the Google Stadia team.

Now the service will just allow the users to stream games, that are also on other platforms. There’s nothing else driving the platform now, any potential game that could’ve been made with next to no hardware restrictions cease to exist.

Google Stadia may remain to continue for a few years. Making games is difficult, but making a platform for games is even more difficult. Both Google and Amazon failed in doing this, shutting down the gaming division, cancelling games, and having bad leadership. Although Google has dropped its plan, Amazon is still trying to make its way.

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