WWE 2k23 Complete Review – What’s good and bad about this game?

WWE 2k23 Complete Review – What’s good and bad about this game?

Visual Concept and 2k Sports have released WWE 2k23. Whenever I think of WWE games, a quick flashback to my childhood days spent hours smashing buttons on PlayStation 2 controllers at my home, bring a sweet smile to my face, and all those moments that I had while playing the game with my brothers.

For me, THQ’s WWE Smackdown vs Raw, Here Comes The Pain was one of the most revolutionary video games I had ever laid eyes on, back in the day. Then came the recent era of WWE games from Two-take Interactive subsidiary 2k. It completely changed things around.

Over the years, this franchise has gone through a bunch of changes, both good and bad. However, a recent mishap, in the name of WWE 2k20, hindered the ongoing legacy. So much so that the developers had to take a year-long hiatus. As is the case with WWE superstars, the franchise also makes an epic comeback with WWE 2k22.

Now developers of Visual Concept plan on making the edition of the game a bit more polished with improvements that can add to the package. The result is WWE 2k23 which surely lives up to its predecessor but with a different perspective and some quality-of-life changes.

WWE 2k23 Pricing

Pricing of WWE 2k23 varies from device

DevicePrice (in Rs)
PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S4,999
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One4,499

However, the variant that we reviewed was the Deluxe edition which basically gives you access to DLCs and a bunch of other features.

WWE 2k23 System Requirements

WWE 2k23 is available across all gaming platforms ranging from PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S. Sadly, the game still does not have support for crossplay. We have tested the game on PlayStation 4.

PC System Requirements

WWE 2k23 Game Modes

WWE 2k23 has a lot to offer, be it for the first-timers like me, or a seasoned WWE gamer. While that’s a good thing, it can also be a bit overwhelming at first glance. Starting off with “Play”, which has in place a slew of options for gamers to warm up or just blow off steam after a long day, can also be seen here.

You can indulge in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and so on with options for TLC, Hell in a Cell, Royal Rumble, and the usual bandwagon of modes that can often be found on WWE games.

Before entering into other modes, I usually started off with these matches to get into the vibe. Alongside this, I found myself playing War games more often. It’s essentially similar to Hell in a Cell with six other wrestlers creating complete chaos, but with a different approach. It’s best if you try it first hand.


2k’s brainchild Showcase is one of the best modes to spend your time in the game to explore it from the inside out. Well, the publishers and developers know the people playing these games are kids that once enjoyed watching WWE live on TV during their school and college days.

While playing might have performed some of the moves and finishers on their siblings. So naturally, they played on the nostalgia of fans (for that I would say well played). In simple terms, this mode lets you play and relive the golden moments from a WWE Superstar’s career.

While that sounds pretty simple, in WWE 2k23 they have made some changes to the perspective that might give the game a upper hand over its predecessor. In WWE 2k22, we experienced Showcase as the king of athleticism, Rey Mysterio.

This time around, we can see even a well-known figure from the WWE catalog, John Cena. But this time there is a twist, unlike last year, this time around you get to play as opponents of John Cena whom he lost. It’s completely different to take on this mode as we usually focus on wins, but this year Showcases focuses on losses.

This is paired with beautiful promos by John Cena himself, before entering into each match. The storytelling is spot on and with the help of a huge archive of old matches, its hits you right on the nostalgia nerve.

It’s a welcome change because having to play with the same character over the course of the story can get a little repetitive and boring. With this, you get to play as some of the big names in the WWE Universe like –

  • The Undertaker
  • Rob Van Dam
  • Kurt Angle
  • The Rock
  • and many more

A Visual Concepts spokesperson mentioned this was the best Showcase they have worked on in recent times.

The concept of this mode is pretty simple, you get a set of objectives to complete throughout the match. These are mostly replication of moves pulled by John Cena’s opponents. Completing each objective unlocks another and eventually ends up in rewards.

While you can still finish the match without having to complete the objectives, this won’t give you a deep insight into how things unravel in real life.

My Rise

My Rise also makes an appearance here with a vengeance on their minds. My Rise is something similar to career modes from other sports games such as FIFA, or NBA. Unlike WWE 2k22, it has a more refined overall experience with 2 new modes –

  • The Lock
  • The Legacy

This is yet another addition to the single-player catalog that’s worth spending time on. Both storylines are unique, with the former focusing on a male character who is an established wrestler on the verge on the verge of making his RAW debut. You get to customize players as per your preference with an ample amount of costumes at your disposal.

Starting the journey puts you straight into the ring against an Intercontinental Champion. Winning this round will result in you becoming the next big WWE Superstar. There are a lot of similarities when it comes to ‘The Lock’ mode. This mode is followed by which kicks you back to John Cena’s Thugonomics days.

As for ‘The Legacy’ you get to play as a female wrestler who has to get away from her WWE Superstar Aunt’s shadow and make her own name in WWE Universe. Both journeys are 2 opposite ends of the rope and that makes the entire experience even better.

My Faction

My Faction mode also gets a slight boost this time around. This game mode is technically similar to that of Ultimate Team mode in FIFA. It’s a card-based game wherein you create your squad, or faction that consists of both male and female wrestlers fighting weak and week out to earn rewards by completing a set of challenges.

The addition of this game mode in WWE 2k23 is the ability to pit your team against online players. While it’s a good thing gamers also have the option to buy cards with real money and make their faction stronger.

This puts someone who doesn’t spend money on the game at risk of losing daily. It’s an outright pay-to-win system, and WWE 2k23 is not the only game taking this route.

WWE Universe and Gym

WWE Universe allows you to set your own rules with 2 different options

  • Superstar Mode – This mode lets you follow and take control of a particular superstar from the WWE Universe. You get to try your luck against different opponents and fight for the title and eventually make a name for yourself.
  • Classic Mode – It is your typical and original sandbox mode with complete freedom over rosters, schedules, arenas, and more.

The Gym Mode is a universe in itself that sure be overwhelming for a first-timer. It essentially allows you to take over one of the WWE shows as General Manager. This allows you to call the shots while having to budget, keep in check with Superstars, and more. It now allows you to add up to3 other friends, and also save up to 6 superstars coming soon.

Besides these single-player outings, you also get to play matches against real-world opponents in the Online Mode. You can create your own lobbies and play matches against other players, or just head into the quick play for an instant unranked fight. However, we noticed latency issues most of the time as the nearest server was Japan with about 140 ms ping. This resulted in missing hooks and reversals.

WWE 2K23 : Combat Refinements

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