13 DC Superhero Team other than Justice League

13 DC Superhero Team other than Justice League

The DC doesn’t have to worry much about having a DC Superhero team just like the Justice League looking out for them. And while the team may be the biggest A-listers around, they aren’t the only group of heroes keeping the world a safer place.

The Justice League might have some of the best and most powerful superheroes on their team, but that doesn’t stop heroes of all power levels from rolling up their sleeves and joining the fight. There’s no doubt that Justice League is the DC superhero team.

So we have listed the Top 13 DC superhero team that is as powerful as Justice League and which can protect the world from various threats-

13 The Bird of Prey

Birds of Prey DC Superhero Team

The Birds of Prey After being shot and paralyzed by the Joker in “The Killing Joke”, Barbara Gordon the first Batgirl, didn’t retire from crime fighting. While she did hang up the cape and cowl, she stayed in the game by using her intelligence and hacking skills to help Batman and other members, under the codename Oracle.

She remained a steadfast member of Batman’s circle of allies but also formed this group with the help of Black Canary. One of the most prominent all-female groups in comics, the team included notable heroines like the Huntress and is best remembered for its time underwriter extraordinary Gail Simone.

12 The Authority

The Authority DC Supero Team

While Justice League is known for its use of diplomacy, the Authority takes a much more forward approach. Despite their passing resemblance to the structure of the League, the Authority goes up to the lengths DC’s iconic champions would never consider, up to, and including killing their enemies.

In addition to their willingness to attain peace by any means necessary, the Authority is known for its inclusion of the fan-favorite couple Midnighter and Apollo. The Authority might not be winning the heart of heroes with ‘No-kill’ codes, but they’re determined to help save the world on their own terms.

11 Secret Six

Secret Six DC Superhero Team

Another DC Superhero Team is Secret Six but as a team, they’re one of the most close-knit and highly effective units in the DC Universe. Formed by the mysterious leaders known as ‘Mocking Bird’, the Secret Six shifted into mercenary work that took them all over the DC Universe. They have gone up against Batman, the Suicide Squad, and even been to Hell and back.

While they’re mostly in it for the money, they’ve occasionally thrown away a paycheck in order to do the right thing. When the Secret Six, are together, they become a problem that makes DC’s heroes and villains shake.

10 Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark DC Superhero

The regular Justice League can be counted on to combat supervillains, alien invasions, and other everyday threats in the DC Universe, but they’re a bit less equipped to fight when it comes to paranormal activities, for this, there is another powerful DC Superhero team called Justice League Dark.

After all, super-strengths and Batarangs aren’t capable of fighting ghosts, spirits, and intangible enemies. That’s when this team is called the things that go bump in the night start bumping a little too hard. Including paranormal activities heavy hitters like Zatanna, Doctor Fate, John Constantine, and even Frankenstein, this group is all about battling the paranormal, be it vampires, evil warlocks, and whatever else is lurking in the shadows.

9 The Outsiders

The Outsiders DC Superhero Team

Even Batman Knows that there are areas the Justice League won’t go to, which is why he formed the DC superhero team known as the Outsiders. Consisting of powerful metahumans like Geo-Force, Black Lightning, and Katana, the Outsiders acted on the Dark Knight’s behalf in situations the League couldn’t get involved in due to political or other limiting resources.

Though Batman healed his relationship with his League allies, the Outsiders continued in several incarnations, including one stint as his personal black ops team in Batman Incorporated. A team of heroes who have Batman’s seal of approval is no doubt a worthy one.

8 The Freedom Fighters

The Freedom Fighters DC Superhero Team

Of all the heroes teams in the DC Universe, the one that’s led by the living personification of patriotism is undoubtedly one of its most unique DC Superhero Team. The Freedom Fighters are commonly associated with Earth-X, a world where the Nazi regime grew in power after winning World War II, and Uncle Sam and his allies are determined to take them down.

With the diverse set of powers characters like Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, the Ray, and Doll Man (seriously), the Freedom Fighters fight the good wherever they discover people’s rights being infringed. Uncle Sam and his allies truly embody the best aspects of heroism.

7 Batman Incorporated

Batman Incorporated DC Superhero Team

Bruce Wayne loves creating side teams and Batman Incorporated may be one of the best endeavors yet. Realizing that he could do more for the world by taking the idea of Batman Global, Bruce Wayne decided to ‘franchise’ his operation.

He traveled the world and roped in new heroes or established connections with existing ones, all of whom share motifs and abide by Batman’s code. Batman Incorporated is the home of heroes such as EL Gaucho, Man-of-Bats, The Knight, Night Runner, and the Batman of China. And together they have shown that an army of Batman can do real good and also can be the most powerful DC Superhero Team to save the world.

6 Justice Society of America

Justice Society of America DC Superhero team

The very first team of superheroes to ever appear in comics, this group began when Silver Age heroes like the Original Flash and Green Lantern teamed up with other costumed mystery men like the Sandman and Hawkman to face the threats greater than any of them could fight alone.

The team’s history is too long and storied to recount here, but they’ve been a mainstay of the DC Universe for decades and still represent the ‘Old Guard’ of heroes to a generation of readers. Whether they’re mentoring new recruits like Stargirl or defending the Earth from every unimaginable threat, this DC Superhero Team never falter in their dedication to peace and justice.

5 Bat Family

Bat Family (DC Superhero Team)

Other DC Superhero Team can match this team’s tenacity, versatility, and bond. Though Batman has played a loner for a while, he did extend his roster of friends, family members, and allies who are always willing to have his back, including Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and various other characters to don the mantle of Robin.

In every way that counts, they’re a family tight-knit group who’ve endured countless tragedies and hardships but always make it through together. They may not always get along, but they’re together till the bitter end.

4 Legion of Superheroes

Legion of Superheroes (DC Superhero Team)

While the Justice League keeps everything safe in the here and now, the Legion of Superheroes is the best thing that the future has going for it. Hailing from the 31st Century, the Legion is an expansive group of teenage heroes that were inspired by the actions of Superman.

Not only does the team protect their own period of time, but they also stay on alert for aberrations that threaten the entire DC Universe heroes and villains from the past and from the future and have even gone back in time on many occasions to keep the timeline intact. Without the legion, there would be no one looking out for the past, present, or future.

3 Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol (DC superhero team)

The Doom Patrol is World’s Strangest Heroes although they don’t get much respect, still, this DC Superhero Team has saved the world from some of the worst and weirdest threats possible.

This team was assembled by Niles Caulder, the Doom Patrol usually find themselves on the front lines when the strangest villains imaginable rear their heads. Whether it’s rescuing in Paris from a sentient painting or stopping reality from being homogenized and sold off, Robot man, Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, and Crazy Jane (along with a bevy of other oddities) are always there to protect the world.

2 Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps (DC Superhero Team)

Green Lanter corps is a massive, galaxy-wide police force with members recruited from every sector of known space, there are few others in the galaxy with as much power and authority as that group. Created by a race that calls themselves the Guardians of the Universe, members of this elite force are chosen for their ability to overcome great fear and granted a power ring that allows them to channel the emerald energy power of pure willpower.

The ring allows the user to fly, fire beams of energy, and create constructs of any conceivable shape or use so long as the user’s willpower is up to the task and their ring is charged with energy.

1 Teen Titans (DC Superhero Team)

Teen Titans (DC Superhero team)

If Justice League represents DC’s pasts, then the Teen Titans and their senior group, the Titans represent DC’S future. This DC Superhero Team began when the sidekicks of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman banded together to have their own adventures, and they’ve since then grown to become one of the most respected teams in the DC Universe.

Now including heroes like Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven, the group’s adventures over the years have taken from victory to tragedy and back again, and pitted them against deadly enemies like Deathstroke and Trigon.

But despite having to juggle the pressures of being superheroes with the angst and uncertainty of growing up, they’ve always been able to overcome whatever life throws at them, and in this case, that’s a lot.

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