Discord voice chat Integration coming soon

Discord voice chat Integration coming soon

Since its debut in 2015, Discord has become one of the biggest social media platforms on the internet, as of last year there are over 150 million users. The service has become very popular among gaming content creators as well as for brands to host their communities.

With Discord’s initial focus on gaming as a central unifying part of the platform’s culture. Discord has seen collaborations with gaming brands like Playstation and Microsoft. Now as the latest report, Xbox is also set to receive a major Discord feature.

Xbox’s newest collaboration will not be the first time Microsoft has teamed up with Discord. Both companies have frequently featured each other in their premium memberships with Discord’s Nitro program, diving out the free trial of Game Pass and Xbox service by giving Nitro subscriptions.

However, previously when Xbox added Discord integration to the Xbox One and Series X/S, the partnership was limited to just displaying the active game’s on the player’s profile. Now, one of the biggest features of Discord is finally coming to Xbox (as revealed by Microsoft).

A recent Tweet from the official account of Xbox revealed the upcoming integration this Wednesday morning with service arriving first for Xbox Insiders before a full release to come at a later date. The integration will require players to link their both accounts in order to join or start a call, which will allow players to switch between Discord and Xbox game chat. However, for voice chat integration you Xbox still need join or start the call on Discord PC’s client.

Xbox edition of Discord voice chat will be following the same footsteps like Playstation, who first rolled out Discord’s voice chat integration earlier this year. However, despite the fact that Sony has purchased some stakes at Discord, but still Xbox will be receiving the voice chat integration before Playstation with Sony only offering similar integration just like Xbox. Microsft has not given any official confirmation when a wider release of Discord’s voice chat will be available for Xbox users, but their are plans to expand this service to other users in the coming weeks.

Discord’s integration with Xbox is the most recent example of the huge popularity over the seven years since it was launched. The success of Discord has not only seen it become a hub for gaming content creators, but also a pop culture icon refernced in a variety of media like Animal crossing : New Horizons. Disord voice chat will give players on Xbox to connect with their friends while playing.

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