Marvel’s Spider-Man all Boss Fights guide for PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man all Boss Fights guide for PS4

When it comes to Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, be it a comic book, a film, or a video game, you can expect some iconic boss fights. Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was released in 2018 is available on PS4 PS4pro and a remastered version is now released for PS5.

Marvel’s Spider-Man contains the feeling of playing a culturally iconic superhero game. The game does have a great combat engine and perfect web-swinging mechanics, Spidey fans have got the ultimate web-swinging action adventure in this title.

Marvel’s Spider-Man provides a cast of some memorable villains from the web-swinging hero rogue gallery. Facing some of the greatest villains may prove challenging Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) to handle his personal life as well as superhero life. This guide will help you provide some general tips on how to fight and defeat these villains.

King Pin vs Spider-Man – Marvel’s First Spider-Man Boss Fight

The first boss of Marvel’s Spider-Man story is Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). Kingpin serves as the diplomat for the heavy enemy that will be fought throughout the game. Thankfully, he is a relatively simple boss to defeat.

Facing Kingpin serves as the best introduction to the combat mechanics of the game and can be defeated easily.

Kingpin belongs to the heavy enemy type with high strength and endurance. At first, you won’t be directly facing Wilson Fisk. As you enter the Fisk office there will be an interaction between you and Wilson, then he will get behind glass, and sentry guns will start shooting at you, you will have to Spider-sense to dodge, then web the sentry guns using R1 and L1 hurl them towards Wilson to break the glass.

When fighting Kingpin just make sure to dispatch any thugs he summons as quickly as possible. These thugs will harass during the fight and can be a major headache if not dealt with. Fighting Kingpin requires players to stun him by throwing objects on him or by throwing back items at Kingpin.

This will cause him to stagger a bit and will allow Spider-Man to land some land major attacks on the crime boss.

Repeat this process until a cut scene begin where Spider-Man will web the Kingpin and police will arrest and take him into custody.

Shocker vs Spider-Man: Marvel’s Spider-Man Second Boss Fight

Shocker vs Spider-Man Marvel's Spider-Man Boss Fight

In Marvel’s Spider-Man you will face is Shocker who can send consecutive forces some hard punches using electric pulses, you will face him twice in the game. The first time will be just chasing the Shocker through the roads of Manhattan, throughout the chase all you have to do is to dodge Shocker energy blasts using Spider-sense.

Make sure that you don’t lose sight of Shocker because if he escapes too far the mission will be failed and you need to redo this.

The second fight will happen inside the bank’s vault. Now the Shocker has escaped from police custody and has broken into a bank, the same trick has to be used in this fight also, be sure to avoid energy blasts at all costs. These energy blasts cause major damage to Spider-Man.

Jump over the shockwave attacks and dodge the energy blasts. Finally, use your web powers to stun him, shoot webs to tie him up, and allow Spider-Man to attack him freely. Then bring down the Ceiling on him, then the police come to take him again into custody.

Tombstone vs Spider-Man: Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Boss Fight

Spider-Man vs Tombstone Marvel's Spider-Man Boss Fight

This is an optional side mission that you can track with the blue icon on the map at a certain point in the game. The Invincible Tombstone requires players to utilize web-shooters, impact webbing, and web bombs in order to slow down the crime boss.

Webbing up the Tombstone and throwing items on him will allow Spider-Man to hit some big combos. Once you have enough damage to Tombstone, the player can start applying the cure on him, this will make his durability less oppressive.

As the fight progress, beware of Tombstone’s fire chain attacks, their long-range and damaging blows could be trouble for Spider-Man, keep webbing and attacking him until health is low until a cutscene appears showing Tombstone surrendering.

Taskmaster vs Spider-Man: Marvel’s Spider-Man Side Boss Fight

Spider-Man vs Taskmaster: Marvel's Spider-Man Boss Side Boss Fight

There is another optional boss fight, who’ll be involved in the side-stories game than the main story, he’ll have many challenges that you can track with an orange icon on the map. As you complete these challenges you will be rewarded with challenge tokens that you can use for upgrading your suit to earn special abilities.

When you have completed have of Taskmaster’s challenge he will attack you on a rooftop beside one of his terminals. Use avoidable throwable items and gadgets to stun him, then close the distance and attack him. Since you will not be able to finish him off as he’ll flee.

At this point, continue completing all challenges, and only after that, you’ll meet the Taskmaster again. Carry out perfect dodges and stun Taskmaster to deal damage. You’ll need to repeat this five before you can defeat him.

Electro and Vulture – Marvel’s Spider-Man 3rd Boss Fight

Vulture and Electro Marvel's Spider-Man Boss Fight

Electro, as some of you may have an idea, he has the power to control electricity, lightning, and currents. Vulture, on the other hand, prefers to fight in the air, for showing off his wingsuit and other devastating abilities.

The best order to defeat them is to finish Electro first and then take on the Vulture.

It’s easier to take Electro. Just whenever you notice him hovering above the generators (for recharging himself), this is your window to attack. In this fight first, you need to web him up and then deliver some combination of punches and kicks. Repeat this combination a few times to take down the Electro.

Then, all you’ll be left to face is Vulture, who’s not a tough boss. You’ll need to chase him and observe when you’re in his range attack him whenever Vulture stops executing his moves.

Dodge any strikes and keep closing your distance by rushing forward, as soon as you start building momentum, you’ll be able to deal with Vulture.

Rhino and Scorpion – Marvel’s Spider-Man 4th Boss Fight

Rhino and Scorpion vs Spider-Man Marvel's Spider-Man 4th Boss Fight

The second villainous pairing battle in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Rhino, and Scorpion are difficult bosses to overcome, together they are more difficult to face.

Rhino is a steel-suited enemy with a tail at its back, the other with a tough armor resembling a Scorpion the animal he is named after. The difference between the fighting styles of the two is the charged attacks with only Rhino being able to do it.

Furthermore, this also means that you can see him as a dangerous than Scorpion, even though the latter can shoot missiles.

Use web-shooters and punches on Scorpion to do major damage to him and his suit. As for Rhino, stun him using objects (boxes, cranes), etc. in your vicinity by luring him towards them. Then deal some decent damage. All the while, make sure you dodge his attacks. So go with this strategy, stun Rhino, web up Scorpion, and beat him, then go for Rhino.

For Scorpion, the Impact Webbing move really works well. If your health is down, just swing around the shipping area to restore your health, avoid poisonous attacks by Scorpion, and just keep following the same method for both villains, then you’ll easily be able to defeat them.

Mr. Negative vs Spider-Man: Marvel’s Spider-Man 5th boss fight

Mr.Negative vs Spider-Man - marvel's Spider-Man Boss Fight

The second Main villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man is Mr. Negative. Mr. Negative can control powerful energy which can dish out massive danger to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, make sure when you are facing him in his supercharged version, use your web to damage the negative monster. Then take care of the minions he spawns.

After the monster is destroyed Mr. Negative will return to his normal size when he does make sure to end the fight as quickly as possible. Through the use of throwable items and gadgets, stun Mr. Negative and unleash powerful attacks to defeat him.

Doctor Octopus vs Spider-Man: Marvel’s Spider-Man Final Boss Fight

Doctor Octopus (Doctor Octavius or Doc Ock) will be the last enemy that you will face in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Doctor Octopus has special abilities like mechanical tentacles and controlling nanobots freely. He’s also well-armored to sustain damage.

The best way to defeat him is to not get close since his attacks are very damaging and come in quick succession, so unless you don’t want to eat a lethal attack, so web away.

Keep dodging his attacks and when you do so, you’ll notice there will be a small window, in this, you can web him up. This will give you chance to punch him and deliver some clean blows.

He’ll occasionally throw objects toward you, dodge them, or counter them by returning these objects in his general direction to stun him.

This will even give you a better chance to deal some decent damage. When you’ve dealt enough damage, Doc Ock will climb away and have the floor electrified making it impossible for you to survive unless you swing around or web onto a pole.

Keep countering and throw back the objects at this phase too, and soon’ll trigger the final cutscene which will mark the end of the fight.

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