Batman Arkham Knight: Batman vs Arkham Boss Fight

Batman Arkham Knight: Batman vs Arkham Boss Fight

This boss fights in Batman Arkham Knight is actually isn’t a real fight, but it’s more like a challenge that makes use of your stealth kills. If you guys are not at stealth/ silent takedown, we’re here to help.

Almost like the Arkham Knight tank battle, this boss fight also takes place in four phases. Each phase gets progressively harder because more enemies are protecting Arkham Knight.

After the Batmobile is destroyed Batman from the tunnel, and grapples up into a small gate tunnel that leads right underneath the Arkham Knight’s man who is beating Jim Gordan. Among the 11 men 2 are medics, 7 are combat experts and 2 armed men are beating Gordon.

Just make sure when popping from grate to take out 5 combat experts first in Fear Multi Takedown as it will make your fight easy.

After finishing the fight as you go to free Gordon, you’ll be confronted by the Arkham Knight, who will now reveal his true identity as Jason Todd.

Your main goal in this part of the game is to be directly underneath Arkham Knight. Batman himself will tell you if he can grapple from one vantage point to another or not.

Phase 1 Arkham Knight Boss Fight

Arkham Knight Phase 1 fight

The first phase of the battle is very easy. The Arkham Knight is just perched on top of the vintage point with no guards around. He’s perched close to where Commissioner Gordon is being held, hostage, make sure that you avoid getting detected by red field of vision.

Use your stealth skills to get underneath the vintage point where Arkham Knight is perched then get to that point and Batman will do some damage to Jason and then the second phase will start.

Phase 2 Arkham Knight Boss Fight

Arkham Knight Phase fight

Arkham Knights now move to another vantage point, much like before, try to avoid his field of vision. His real laser sight should be avoided at all times because he takes a chunk your life as he shoots you so try to avoid it.

The stage of the fight is a bit more difficult because a security drone is flying around. You can disable it temporarily by using Batman’s hacking device. After that, you can get down and get rid of enemies.

You can also not use Detective mode too. Ther’s a guard that will detect your location through it. If you are good in combat, you can actually just beat up all of enemies head-on during this phase of fight and they’re not that hard.

Again, Arkham Knight is on top of the room and is in a sniping position, he is much higher than where he was before.

If you have taken down all guards then you are safe to proceed further. You can just run up under Arkham Knight’s vantage point. After you grapple up. Batman will have another scuffle with Jason, and he will run away. Before you can get your bearings, Arkham Knight poisoned the room with gas. Just grapple onto the vent which is in front of you to escape.

Phase 3 Arkham Knight Boss Fight

You could do the things in a long by using your stealth takedown technique. Just make sure that you temporarily disable the drone before you beat them down.

Once again Arkham Knight is again at the top of the room on the vintage point, so it is obvious he will see you walking down and grappling underneath. There aren’t many things guarding him you can just get underneath him and scuffle him up.

Phase 4

The trick here is to disable the security drone with his hacking device first. After that swoop down and wait until the sentry has rotated so that you can get behind and destroy it.

Before you swoop down, crouch behind the boxes and wait for the turrets light to not see you. You can avoid their field of vision or else they will kill you.

The boxes in this area should provide you with enough coverage to just walk past the sentry unseen. After that, all you have to do is to grapple up and that’s the end of the Arkham Knight boss fight.

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