Heir to the Cowl: Gotham’s Most Wanted |Batman Arkham Knight

Heir to the Cowl: Gotham’s Most Wanted |Batman Arkham Knight

In our game guide to Batman Arkham Knight, we have prepared a descriptive guide to help you complete Heir to the Cowl Mission. This mission undertakes Azrael’s trial in which very difficult battles have to be fought.

Heir to the Cowl missions unlocks early in the game. After you complete the main story mission Investigating the crash site. Alfred tells Batman about the current progress on Gotham’s Most Wanted.

You will learn, among other things about a suspicious character standing near a burning bat symbol on the roof of the building in Grand Avenue district on Miagani Island.

Heir to the Cowl – Azrael’s First Mission Grand Avenue (Miagani Island)

After reaching the marked location in the Grand Avenue district, you will see Azrael bow down near the burning Bat symbol, and also learn that Batman was invoked by Azrael to become his successor. Batman first wants to check Azrael’s combat skills.

After finishing the conversation with Azrael your first combat trial will start, now you will play as Azrael. He will have also the same abilities and gadgets as Batman.

In this combat trial, you have to make sure that you don’t get hit or don’t receive any damage from bandits. Make sure to perform perfect counters and unnecessary risks, because if you get hit trial will get over and you have to do it again.

Once you have completed the trial listen to the conversation with Batman about new trials, then you get switched back to Batman. Batman will talk to Alfred to analyze Azrael’s performance.

Heir to the Cowl – Azrael’s second trial Adam’s Port (Founders Island)

You must find the places on your own to participate in further combat trials, by finding burning bat symbols on the rooftops. A new bat symbol can be found on the central part of Founder’s Island not far from Adam’s Port.

In the second trial, you will not only face bandits but also some elite opponents as well. First, take out the large enemy stun them, and then perform a beat on him.

Additionally, watch out whenever enemies throw objects on you counter that and throw them back.

Once you have completed this trial you will have a small conversation with Batman he will tell you to give him a signal whenever you are ready for the next trial. Then you will switch back to Batman. Alfred will tell you about Azrael’s combat performance.

Heir to the Cowl – Azraels’ third trial Chinatown on Bleake Island

Another burning bat symbol can be found on the rooftop in the Chinatown district on Bleake Island. After you get there talk to Azrael and start the next combat trial.

You will switch to Azrael. In this trial, the battle try to eliminate the medic as fast as possible because he will be able to electrify other bandits. If you are not able to stop him fast enough, then try to neutralize the electrified bandit use Batclaw to do it.

If you get hit by an electrified bandit you will receive damage and the trial will fail and you have to try it again.

Once you have completed the trial you will have a small conversation with Batman, Azrael will escape and you will switch back to Batman. Alfred will tell you about Azrael’s performance.

Heir to the Cowl Fourth Combat Trial Southwest from Bleake Island

The fourth and the last trial takes place on a platform on a huge statue of Lady of Gotham that can be found on a separate island southwest from Bleake Island.

In this mission, the only enemy that you will be facing is martial arts experts. They are more challenging than other enemies, try to remain in a defensive position let them attack first. Once that happens, perform a counter and then hit them with your own punches. Be extremely careful in taking them out, and use Special takedown whenever possible.

After completing the final trial, Batman will tell Azrael to wait for his decision. Azrael protests that he is ready, and there is no decision to be made, but he is dismissed by Batman.

Visiting the clock tower

After each combat trial completion, Alfred gives more information about Azrael, including his real name. Alfred informs Batman about an anomaly in the neural scan of Azrael.

Then Batman goes to the Clock Tower to review Azrael’s physiology, where you will find some interesting things in his brain. In order to decode the hidden message, you have to scrub through the footage to highlight certain signs:

  • 05:44 – Scan the white parchment
  • 16:49 – Scan the football player shoulder
  • 28:68 – Scan the top left of the knight’s shield
  • 41:27 – Scan the sigil on the lower right

Once you’ve scanned every sigil, the real message will be played and Azrael will appear, now you will regain control as Azrael. You must decide how you will act. There three options

  • Leave the clock tower – use the elevator
  • Take the sword and break it
  • Take the sword and try to murder Batman with it – your attempt will fail as Batman will counter your attack and stun Azrael. Then he will take you down, drive you to GCPD and lock you inside the cell with other criminals.

No matter which option you choose the mission will end.

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