Gunrunner – 4 weapon cache location | Batman Arkham Knight

Gunrunner – 4 weapon cache location | Batman Arkham Knight

The objective of this mission is to destroy the Penguin’s five weapon caches and it is impossible to miss this one. This is so because you destroy the first cache during the main storyline. To learn more, see the walkthrough for the game and start with Meet with Nightwing to locate Penguin in the walkthrough for the main storyline. From the moment at which you destroy the first weapon cache, you can find the rest of Penguin’s hideouts. Each time, Batmen will be contacted by Nightwing(you need to have this mission selected as active).

Basic Information about Gunrunner Mission

  • Starts as a part of the main mission.
  • Batman teams up with Nightwing to defeat Penguin (Cobblepot) and destroy his weapon caches.
  • With the help of a new gadget (the disruptor), Batman marks weapon vans and follows them to cache hideouts.
  • The relationship between Batman and Nightwing is what makes this side mission great. The ending is just…
  • You can’t complete Gunrunner as soon as you get it. You have to progress with the story and bring the Batmobile to Founders’ Island. Check the side mission tab to get new intel from Nightwing about the whereabouts of weapon vans.

Rewards after completing Gunrunner Mission

  • 11 Upgrade Points.
  • New gadget: Disruptor (you’ll get it through the main story, gunrunner section part).
  • Achievement/Trophy – “Cold World”, “Touch of Death”
  • Access to Gotham Water Company where you can take one Miagani Island Riddler Trophy.
  • Nightwing and Penguin character info & bios

Gunrunner Mission – Weapon Cache #1

To start the Gunrunner mission you have to meet Nightwing at the rooftop, Nightwing will give you the Disruptor made by Lucius Fox. After that, you have to clear the area of six thugs and use the Disruptor to put a tracker on the vehicle then knock on the door of the van.

As the vehicle speeds away, use rooftops by grappling and gliding to follow the van which will lead you straight the weapon cache.

Note Do not us Batmobile to track the van

Stay on the rooftops to investigate the area to find two Sentry Guns and six armed soldiers. Takedown all the armed soldiers and then use the disruptor to deal with turrets before using the hatch inside the roof to enter the area. Once you are inside, you will see about twenty thugs and Penguin guarding the weapon cache.

Sneak behind Penguin to interrogate him and use frequent counters to keep attacking the enemies at bay. Two thugs will grab you from behind then Nightwing will join the fight and then both will take down all the thugs.

After you have dealt with the thugs, use the Explosive Gel to destroy the weapon cache.

Gunrunner Mission – Weapon Cache#2

After you listen to Nightwing Audio message, head towards the Panessa studios and find the van there. Use the disruptors to plant the tracker on the van. After that give a knock on the van’s door, which will make the thugs anxious then they will try to escape.

Just like in the main mission, you need to use grapple and gliding, to follow the van and to make sure that you remain unspotted by the bandits. You need to continue, up until the moment where the vehicle reaches the Penguins hideout. It is located in the Sionis Industries building in the southeastern part of Bleake Island.

Keep the appropriate precautions, because the entrance is being protected with two sentry guns. Use the remote hacking devices to access the panel on the panel, which controls the main gates.

After you lower the gate, use the Batmobile Remote Control and destroy both sentry guns. You can now enter the building. Locate a big elevator shaft here and reach the very top, using the grapple. Here find the switch that draws the curtains under the glass roofing.

You can now exit from that building and get to that rooftop and walk onto its glass roof. You need to break the glass to get into the building and start fighting the opponents in the room.

While fighting make sure first takedown opponents with firearms and also make use of Dual team takedown as often as possible, with Nightwing.

After you win the fight enter the vault and use the Explosive Gel over the weapon cache close the vault door and get few steps back then detonate the get.

Gunrunner Mission – Weapon Cache #3

Contact Nightwing to get information about another van at Kingston, In the same as we did the in the last two Gunrunner Mission use the disruptor to plant the tracker on the van and then follow the vehicle, keeping a safe distance and sticking on the rooftops.

You will reach Drescher, in the North-Western Part of the Founders Island. This entrance to Penguin’s hideout is being guarded by a single sniper.

Try to get him from the side onto the balcony and perform a stealth takedown. After you have eliminated the sniper, enter the building.

Go into the vertical venting shaft to the right. Sneak under the armed opponents and exit after you get to the other side of the weakened wall. Apply explosive gel to that wall, return to the shaft and detonate the gel.

The explosion will knock out five opponents that are next to the wall. As for the remaining two, it is best to give them a surprise, with a fear multi-takedown.

Find another venting shaft under the ceiling. You first need to rip off the gate using the bat claw. After this, you can enter the shaft, and use the grapple to get inside.

In the next room, there are seventeen bandits where three of them pack firearms. Still, before you start fighting, use the disruptor to render their gun useless. Only then start fighting and Nightwing will join you in this fight.

After you finish the fight, enter the vault, apply the explosive gel to the weapons cache there, close the vault door, get few steps back and then detonate the gel.

Gunrunner Mission – Weapon Cache #4

Contact Nightwing he will give the information about the next weapon cache, the North refrigeration van parked near the Salvation Bridge. Use the Disruptor to plant the tracker on the van and give a knock on the door of the van, after this start escaping and follow them by sticking on the rooftops.

The van will lead you to the sewage treatment plant in Chinatown on Bleake Island. Approach the locked gate of the plant and contact Alfred, who will suggest you an alternative way to get through the sewers.

Call the Batmobile and follow the markings on the ground. This way you will get to the entrance of the sewers, not too far away Southwards from Penguins hideout.

Stop by the blockades in the sewers and use the Batmobile to eliminate the opponents here. After you have cleared the area get to the upper left room. There, you will find a switch to lower blockades.

Drive the Batmobile into the main hall and locate the catch on the right. Use the winch to lift the gate. Enter through the opened passageway.

After that, you get above the Penguin thugs and stand next to one of the grates. It is best to start the fight with the fear multi takedown. You need to watch out here because Nightwing is not going to help you out with some opponents and some of the opponents can only be knocked out with special attacks.

After you have defeated all the opponents, enter the vault and apply the explosive gel on the weapon cache. Close the vault and get a few steps back to stay safe and then detonate the gel.

Soon Batman will be contacted by Penguin, and from that you come to know that he has captured Nightwing (Dick Grayson).

Rescue Nightwing and Capture Penguin (Cobblepot)

Head to Otisburg on Founder’s Island. Now this time it’s not going to be easy to gain access into Penguin (Cobblepot) hideout, because the area is being monitored by a sniper and additionally, one of the Penguin’s guards has a device that disrupts the functioning of Detective Mode.

Start by eliminating the sniper. After eliminating the Sniper deal with the remaining guards. Then look around for an elevator shaft and break into the fuse box on the right. You can now jump into the shaft and head into the next room with Penguin Thugs.

Locate the narrow passage into the neighboring room, thanks to which you will get an above sentry gun, disable it by using the Remote hacking device, and run towards and destroy it.

Follow the shaft and ignore the thugs around Nightwing for now. What you need to do is reach the exit of the venting shaft, behind a weakened wall. Jump out of the shaft, stand near the wall, and press the Interaction button to free Nightwing (Dick Grayson).

This will start a fight because this time you have to deal with opponents with shields and opponents with stun guns. The good thing is Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is going to help you, use Dual Team Takedown to defeat all the opponents.

After the fight is over, enter the vault. Apply the explosive gel on the weapons cache, then exit the vault you notice that Penguin (Cobblepot) is holding Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and pointing the gun on his head.

There is no special attack that you need to perform. Just wait until you can use your attack. After a short struggle, you can detonate the gel. Then Batman punches Penguin (Cobblepot) and knocks him down.

Finally, wait for the Penguin to be thrown in the Batmobile, then you can take him to the GCPD Police Station. Handling the Penguin to the GCPD and locking him down in the cell. This way the Gunrunner mission ends.

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