Friend in need | Batman Arkham Knight

Friend in need | Batman Arkham Knight

Game guide for Batman Arkham Knight we have prepared a description of a Friend in Need side mission. It’s one of the shortest missions in which you have to visit the Wayne Tower and rescue Lucius Fox.

The friend in Need mission unlocks automatically later in the game. You will be able to complete it after you investigate the unusual seismic activity on Miagani Island’s main mission.

While asking for an update on Gotham’s Most Wanted Alfred tells Batman that he is not able to contact Lucius Fox and what happened.

Drive in the Batmobile to the Wayne Tower. Use the underground parking entrance. Stop near the elevator and use it to reach the office on the highest floor of the tower.


During the next few seconds, you will play as Bruce Wayne. Listen to the conversation with Clara, and they walk towards your cabin and use the computer.

As you will try to access the computer it will fail. Then Lucius Fox will enter the cabin. Imposter Bruce Wayne will attack Lucius Fox, then access the computer and start transferring funds to his account.

Then you will get back to play as Batman, you will tell Alfred that the person who has taken Lucius Fox is actually Identity Thief who somehow has created Bruce Wayne’s face.

Friend in Need Phase 2 Entry of Batman

Batman Arkham Knight Friend in Need

The lift door opens and you enter the cabin where you see Identity Thief pointing a gun at Lucius’ head.

The identity thief then tells Batman to bring Bruce Wayne here, as we have to take some revenge on him because he believes Bruce Wayne took something which was rightfully his birthright.

In between the conversation, he also tells that he killed his own parents because they gave him what was his birthright.

Batman then removes the mask and reveals his real identity to Thomas Elliot the Identity Thief, he becomes edgy and as he tries to shoot at you will have seconds to counter his attack and then take down the Identity thief.

Batman tells Lucius to lock him in the office as he cannot take him to GCPD because he knows Batman’s real identity.

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