Armored and Dangerous – Batman Arkham Knight Gotham’s Most Wanted

Armored and Dangerous – Batman Arkham Knight Gotham’s Most Wanted

Armored and Dangerous missions unlock early in the game. After completing the Interrogate the driver of the military vehicle’s main mission and installing the new upgrade in Batmobile, Alfred will contact Batman. He will inform you that Arkham Knight mobilized his followers and that you should destroy the armored vehicles that they are using.

There are 9 APC vehicles running around the city – 3 on each main island of Gotham. The machines aren’t located in a specific part of the map, they are constantly moving around. Luckily you don’t have to find them on your own, each time when you activate the side mission Armored and Dangerous.

Alfred will inform you about the new location of the APC vehicle. You must try to get close to it before the signal will be lost, otherwise, you will have to start the locating process all over again. Because of that, you shouldn’t participate in any unnecessary battles during the chase. You can also use the after to reach the destination faster.

Armored and Dangerous Batman Arkham Knight

Once you get close to the marked APC vehicle, it will start running away. Additionally, the driver calls others for help. At first, the backup will be small, but as you chase down APC number of enemies will increase.

In the final phase of the Armored and Dangerous mission, it will be 7-8 additional machines. Destroying the reinforcements isn’t mandatory, but you shouldn’t ignore that steps as they make it much harder to get the target.

To destroy the backup vehicles you can use the standard drone hacker, but 2 other methods are very effective. Side swipes are especially useful if you activate them when the enemy vehicle is parallel to Batmobile.

A single proper attack can even lead to destroying the enemy force’s vehicle. Additionally, consider using the electromagnetic explosion which can stop a whole group of vehicles at once.

Attack the Armored vehicle once you get rid of his backup enemies. The best weapon against it is the drone hacker – each hit will deplete the energy bar shown in the upper right corner of the screen. In the meantime, dodge with the use of Batmobile’s engines to avoid any enemy machine’s attacks.

The method described above must be used on all 9 vehicles. What’s important, after destroying a vehicle you must ride far away from its wreck and wait for a few minutes. Only after the mission Armored and Dangerous becomes active again and you will be able to pick it from the mission list so Alfred will tell you where you can find the next APC vehicle.

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