DC Studios Confirms Elseworlds Movies in New DC Universe

DC Studios Confirms Elseworlds Movies in New DC Universe

On January 30, James Gunn announced Chapter 1 of the new DCU (DC Universe), with titles such as Superman Legacy and The Brave and the Bold highlighting the list of upcoming Movies and TV shows.


DC Universe Chapter 1 ‘Gods and Monsters’ movies and TV shows
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These films `along, with other movies and HBO Max shows that were confirmed to be a part of Chapter 1, will make up the main canon storyline of DC films. The DC Extended Universe previously operated in a similar fashion, with those projects such as Man of Steel and Wonder Woman being the main story while other films, such as Joker take place outside of that universe.

With James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new interconnected universe now well underway, there have been more concerns regarding how outside upcoming projects will find their way into the fold, or if they would end up being made at all.

Matt Reeve’s Gotham Verse and Joker 2 Labeled as DC Elseworlds

CO-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn recently made the announcement regarding the upcoming Movies and TV shows for Chapter 1 of DCU (named Gods and Monsters).

While announcing that there will be an interconnected web of movies and HBO Max series to be labeled in DCU, James Gunn also mentioned projects outside of the main DC Universe like – Matt Reeve’s The Batman II and Joker 2 and Ta-Neishi Coates Superman as DC’s Elseworlds.

This is set up similarly to DC Comics, where it is clear if a story takes place in the main canon or outside of its world.

Matt Reeve’s The Batman

Elseworld The Batman 2 In new DC Universe

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson was confirmed by James Gunn to be released on October 3, 2025, as part of Elseworlds. The film will release in the same year as DC Universe Chapter 1 movie Superman Legacy will be releasing.

Todd Phillips Joker II Folie a Deux

DC Elseworld Joker 2 In new DC Universe

James Gunn also confirmed Joker Folie a Deux to be labeled as a DC Elseworlds project, which will feature the return of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker and Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn.

Ta- Neishi Coates Superman

DC Elseworld Black Superman In new DC Universe

This Superman film will feature a Black Man of Steel as the main character. The story is written by Ta-Neishi Coates and produced by J.J. Abrams. This movie is still in development and will also join the list of DC Elseworlds projects.

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