DC Universe Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters movies and TV shows

DC Universe Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters movies and TV shows

After the hiring of Peter Safran and James Gunn as co-heads of DC studios, they were a lot of rumors, doubts, and chaos among DC fans, but they have finally announced their plan for the new DCU (DC Universe). During a press conference held on 30th January, James Gunn and Peter Safran talked in detail about which characters and stories they will incorporate in DC Universe, underlying the storyline, and how they intend to tell a monumental story in 2 chapters.

While there’s still much we don’t know about Gunn and Safran’s endgame, the creative duo already revealed which movies and TV shows will be part of Chapter 1 of the new DC Universe, known as Gods and monsters.

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There are currently 5 movies and 5 TV shows in development by DC studios, most of which are focused on mainstream characters like Superman, while few are centered around fairly unknown aspects of the IP like the Creatures Commandos.

Besides that Gunn and Safran have also revealed how they are dealing with DC productions set to come to theatres, how Matt Revee’s Batman is still going to exist, and what kind of stories they intend to tell in the future.

Here’s a quick recap of everything that DC has announced till now.

The Flash will Reset the Timeline

The Flash sets new DC Universe
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There are currently 4 DC movies that are set to be released this year

  • Shazam the Fury of the Gods (releasing17th March 2023)
  • The Flash (releasing 16th June 2023)
  • Blue Beetle (releasing 18th August 2023)
  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (releasing 25th December 2023)

Since these movies were developed under the previous DC studio’s management and were not convinced as a part of a bigger storyline, they are not the official part of the multi-year plan for the DC Universe. However, that doesn’t mean Gunn and Safran are just scrapping all these projects.

In fact, they found a clever solution to make everything canon-adjacent by using the Flash movie to reset the timeline. Since the upcoming movie deals with time travel and alternate dimensions, it also creates the opportunity for DC Studios to get a clean board they can fill with an ambitious slate of movies and TV shows. The strategy will allow James Gunn and Peter Safran to reuse some actors from the old DC without worrying about continuity.

Matt Reeve’s The Batman Universe will continue

The Batman future in DC Universe

While the Flash will clean slate for the Gods and monsters storyline, James Gunn and Peter Safran also revealed they are incorporating DC comics Elseworlds’s strategy into their DC Universe. That means there’ll still be DC stories that will not be the part of main DC Universe, and they’ll just take place in a different timeline.

This will be the case for Matt Reeve’s Batverse, Todd Pillips Joker franchise, and even animated series like Teen Titans Go! In Reeves’s case, James Gunn and Peter Safran also told how these films will move forward with his trilogy also expanding his vision for Gotham City through TV shows like the Penguin. The Sequel to Reeve’s The Batman also got a release date on October 3, 2025.

List of Movies in The DC UNIVERSE

Superman Legacy

DCU Universe first movie "Superman Legacy"

Superman is questionably one of the most important heroes in the DC Universe. So it’s fitting that the first theatrical release of the Gods and Monsters storyline will be Superman Legacy which is coming to theatres on July 11, 2025.

James Gunn is writing the Superman Legacy script himself, although no director is attached to the project. Gunn and Safran also revealed this wouldn’t be another Superman origin story, even though the movie will deal with the hero’s double legacy as Kryptonian and Earth’s protector.

The Authority

The Authority 2nd Movie in DC Universe Chapter 1

The 2nd Movie in Chapter 1 of the DC Universe is The Authority James Gunn is also working on the script for the Authority, a movie based on the controversial superteam of the Wildstorm label. The Authority is a superteam so concerned with saving the planet that they will cross moral lines to get things done.

Believing that the heroes of the Authority will often act like villains. The Authority was initially developed to be part of its own superhero universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran are bringing the Wildstorm characters into the DC Universe.

The Brave and The Bold

DC Universe Chapter 1 Batman Brave and the Bold

While Matt Reeve’s Batverse will be happening in the Elseworlds version of Batman, James Gunn and Peter Safran have also announced that Chapter 1 of DC Universe will also be including The Brave and The Bold, which will be movie focused on the extended Bat Family.

More specifically, the upcoming film will be focusing on Damian Wayne at the center of the action in a father-son story inspired by Grant Morrison’s comic book series. The Brave and the Bold will also introduce a new star in the role of the Dark Knight.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow

This movie is to be released in the DC Universe after two years of Superman’s Legacy. Supergirl was inspired by Tom King’s refreshing take on the beloved character.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will be a unique character version of Kara Zor-EL, Kal El’s Cousin. While Kal EL fund a loving family on Earth, Kara floated through space in a destroyed fragment of Krypton, witnessing but the death and destruction. The movie tends to show the son and daughter of Krypton as two different superheroes based on their upbringing.

Swamp Thing

DC Universe Chapter 1 movie Swamp Thing

The last film announced in DC universe Chapter 1 “Gods and Monsters” is Swamp Thing, which is based on DC’s most iconic horror character. While there is not much information regarding this movie till now.

Peter Safran promised the story will be showing the dark origin of Swamp Thing. So, DC fans should expect the DC Universe to draw inspiration from Alan Moore’s beloved comic book series.

All though more DC movies will be added in the future as said by James Gunn

List TV shows in DC Universe

Creature Commandoes

DC Universe Chapter 1 Animated TV show

The first TV show to be released in the DC Universe is Creature Commandoes, a seven-episode animated series based on the DC comics team of the same name. The Creature Commandoes are a team put together by Amanda Waller and consist of some of DC’s most monstrous characters.

James Gunn has started writing scripts for all seven episodes, which are already in production, he also stated that new DCU projects aim to feature voice cast members who can play their characters in live-action productions also.


DC Universe Chapter 1 TV show WALLER

The second TV show in the DC Universe, Doom Patrol was unfortunately canceled, the series creator Jeremy Carver will join hands with Watchmen Christal Henry to bring the Waller series to life.

The show will be starring Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, the series will have a direct follow-up to Peacemaker and feature characters from Peacemakers and The Suicide Squad will still be the canon for DCU, even after the Flash resets the timeline.

Booster Gold

DC Universe Chapter 1 Booster Gold TV Show

James Gunn and Peter Safran heard the DC fans and are moving forward with the TV show about a fan-favorite character Booster Gold. The Booster Gold series will stick close to comic books and feature a loser who travels back in time and tries to become a superhero by using advanced technology as his power source.

In the comic books, Booster Gold often teams up with Blue Beetle who gives up hope for the Latinx character remaining in the DC Universe for the long run too.


DC Universe Chapter 1 Lanterns TV Show

Lanterns is a series focused on the most beloved Green-Green Lanterns in DC Comic History: Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The series draws inspiration from detective stories, like HBO’s true detective, and will portray the Green Lanterns as Space cops investigating a dark crime that takes place on Earth.

Paradise Lost

DC Universe Chapter 1 Paradise Lost TV show

The final show currently in development at DC Studios is Paradise Lost, a political drama set in Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s Birthplace. Set years before Diana’s birth, the series will explore the political disputes in Themyscira as different Amazons try to seize power for themselves.

The show is expected to serve as an origin story of Themyscria itself and reveal how the Amazons created an all-women society hidden from the rest of the world

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