Superman Legacy: Is Brainiac going to be the main villain

Superman Legacy: Is Brainiac going to be the main villain

Superman Legacy will be the last cinematic take on the Man of Steel, and it’s clearly meant to go in a different direction than the character’s big screen portrayal for the past decade. Taking a more traditional route with the hero, the film Superman Legacy will reboot Superman for James Gunn’s new DC Universe.

James Gunn has already begun teasing which characters might make it in the shared universe. and one of them could possibly be a fan-favorite Superman foe.

Brainiac is one of Superman’s main villains in comics, vexing him through genius intellect in a way that even Lex Luthor can’t. Nevertheless, he’s failed to show up in any of Kal-El’s previous movies, which has only increased fan demand for him. His circumstances may finally be changed in the DCU, and it could redeem the already continuous Superman Legacy.

James Gunn hinted at Brainiac in Superman Legacy

Superman Legacy Superman vs Brainiac

A recent Twitter post from James Gunn had a list of several DC characters, both heroic and villainous. James Gunn’s comment suggests that at least half of them would be coming to DCU in the near future, though he didn’t confirm which ones.

Likewise, the potential projects they would be in also weren’t unannounced, for some, it was more obvious than others. The Court of Owls and Nightwing were among the list of characters, and they’ll likely both have a place in the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Those who are also hotly anticipated characters by fans to show up in the DCU, making their inclusion a dream come true.

Superman Legacy Superman vs Brainiac

Another highly desired character is Brainiac, who’s the biggest Superman villain to never show up in one of his theatrical movies. Brainiac was also on the list, so the chances of his appearing in the DC Universe soon are higher than not.

The most obvious place would be in Superman Legacy, though he may merely be a villain suggested for the future instead of the main foe. For the movie’s sake, however, it might be best to pit the Coluan against his Kryptonian enemy movie of the new DCU.

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