Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sandman (Surface Tension) Boss Fight: How to beat, and clear the mission

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sandman (Surface Tension) Boss Fight: How to beat, and clear the mission

The first mission in the main storyline of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and is automatically issued to you after the introductory cutscene. Sandman (Flint Marko) has appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man Universe before as one of the many backpack collectibles. In his first full-game appearance, the Flint Marko is fully unleashed, and you might find yourself wondering how to beat him, the colossal enemy he is.

The Objective of this mission

  • Cross the River
  • Find Sandman
  • Web Strike
  • Run for your Life
  • Defeat the Sand Minions
  • Damage Sandman
  • Defeat Sandman
  • Run to the Roof
  • Defeat the Sand Minions
  • Zip the Water Tank
  • Fight through Sand Minions
  • Final Electric Strike

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Sandman (Surface Tension)


Sandman attacking the City
Peter Parker as Physics Teacher

Sandman is the first boss of the game and begins immediately following the 2 introductory cutscenes. The game starts 2 years before the present day Peter Parker entered as a physics teacher, for about 2 minutes.

Peter and Miles Suit up to fight Sandman
Peter and Miles Suit up to fight Sandman

Miles spots Flint Marko attacking the city, so Peter Parker and Miles Morales get out of the class, to suit up. (If some of you haven’t played Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, this opening sequence will give you the chance to get used to web-swinging).

Peter and Miles Interact

The objective marker is guiding you to the Financial District via the bridge from Downtown Brooklyn to Chinatown. You should follow the on-screen prompts to learn of the tricks of Peter and Miles have up their sleeves.

How to Beat Sandman ?

1. Dodge Attacks

Sandman Attack Dodge

During the surface tension mission, you will encounter Flint Marko as a boss fight in the game. Once, Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) reaches to stop Flint Marko.

Sandman will be hurling large chunks of building towards you and swiping at you with his gigantic arms. Make sure you’re constantly checking your surroundings and using the Spider-Sense ability to know when you have to dodge the attacks (by pressing the Circle button on the controller).

2. Throw Objects

Sandman How to Damage
Peter throwing objects on Sandman

There will be falling debris around the vicinity that you can throw towards Flint Marko. Press L1 + R1 on the controller to throw the falling debris on the enemy.

3. Use Web-Strike

At Some point during your fight with Flint Marko, you will be prompted to press Triangle so you could perform a web-strike, execute the attack to unlock a cutscene.

4. Sprint to Save Life

Sprint to Save Life from Sandman Attack

After the cutscene ends, you will notice that you’re inside a building with Sandman looming outside. Hold the R2 button while moving to Sprint away from Sandman’s destruction.

Along the way, you will be prompted to save a civilian hanging on for dear life. Press Triangle to save him and swing along the building so you could either save him and swing along the building so you could deliver the civilian to Miles.

5. Take care of Sand Minions

Spider-Man fights Sand Minions

There will be human sized duplicates of Sandman attacking during you during your progress. During your fight with Sand Minions, you will get a phone call from Principal Evans, which will result in the minions ganging up on you.

You will unlock the Spider-Barrage (nanotech metallic tentacles) ability after Peter escapes from the Sand Minions. Press L1 + Square button to unleash a flurry of attacks from your Spider Arms. You could also fight them conventionally and throw objects at them.

After defeating the Sand Minions, a cutscene will play out. Do note that you will be facing off against Sand Minions again throughout the duration of the boss fight.

6. Electrocute

Spider-Man-Miles Morales Electric Attack

This time, you’ll be playing as Miles Morales. Dodge Sandman’s attacks and press the Triangle button when prompted to electrocute his shoulder.

— Use Webs to Stun Him

Press R1 to shoot webs on Sandman’s face, allowing you to stun him and repeatedly strike him by Pressing the Square Button.

After Peter throws a water tank at Sandman, you will be prompted to electrocute him again. A cutscene will play out showing Sandman escaping from two.

— Sandman Tries to Escape

Sandman Escape

Once you’ve caught up with him, repeat the process of dodging his attacks, and slinging webs at his face to stun him. Peter will launch another tank towards Flint Marko, which will give you another chance for you to electrocute him.

7. Climb up the Building

Spider-Man and Miles Morales running

Sandman will attempt to smash you while you run up a building. Dodge his attacks and continue to run up the building. A cutscene will play out after you’ve reached the top of the building. Once you’ve fought off against the Sand minions, he will start ripping off the roof of the building you’re currently on, Press Triangle button when prompted to unlock a cutscene.

8. Chase Sandman using web wings

Sandman chase using web wings

Flint Marko will attempt to escape from both Spider-Man again. After the cutscene play out, you will be prompted to press the Triangle button and activate your web wings. Glide across the city and head towards Flint, you will be forwarding towards a sand vortex accompanied by a large vortex.

— Enter the Sand vortex

Entering the Sand Vortex

You will need to avoid these obstructions while gliding through the sand vortex. Sandman will be creating sand tornadoes along your path once you get out of the sand vortex. Dodge the sand tornadoes and continue gliding towards Sandman. When you’re near him, Press the Triangle button when prompted to attack him and unlock a cutscene.

Defeat the Sand minions and dispose them off easily by pressing L1 + R1 near a water tank, they could wash away from the vicinity.

9. Deliver the Final Strike

Peter and miles electric strike snadman
Peter and Miles Final Strike

After beating the Sand minions, swing and glide towards Sandman. Once you get near enough, press the Triangle button when prompted to deliver the final blow and unlock a cutscene.

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