6 Black Adam Powers of Egyptian Gods he Possesses

6 Black Adam Powers of Egyptian Gods he Possesses

Teth-Adam was the first champion to be chosen by the Council of Wizards to wield the power of Shazam! He gained the power of the Gods in ancient Egypt, though he chose to use the power for his own dark purposes. He became the corrupted champion and thus came to be known as Black Adam, though he lost the favor of the original gods that powered him.

When Black Adam returned after years of imprisonment and resurrection, he found a new set of ancient gods to share their gifts with him. The ancient Egyptian Gods empowered Black Adam and made him strong enough to take some of the DC’s most powerful superheroes like Shazam and Superman. However, he’s got a new name in the Justice League as the incredibly powerful Mighty Adam.

The Stamina of Shu (Black Adam’s Power)

The Stamina of Shu power possessed by Black Adam

When the wizard and his council chose the first champion of Shazam, the same that would later share their gifts with Billy Batson empowered Teth-Adam. he was originally gifted the Wisdom of Solomon, but that was eventually replaced. Black Adam sought out power from Ancient Egyptian gods after either imprisonment or resurrection, depending on the continuity.

Black Adam replaced the wisdom of Solomon with the Stamina of SHU in the modern age. Shu was the Egyptian God of air and light. The Primordial God’s gift allowed Black Adam to fight almost tirelessly and survive in extreme conditions without the need for food and water.

The Speed OF Horus (Black Adam power)

The Speed of Horus power possessed by Black Adam

Black Adam swapped out the ‘H’ in his magic word, which used to represent the strength he gained from the Olympian known as Hercules. That strength allowed characters like Shazam to stand up to powerful heroes like Superman over the years.

Black Adam replaced his source of strength in the Shazam agreement of the Gods with the Egyptian God of war and sky, Horus. He gained incredible hyperspeed from Horus, which gave Black Adam new powers. The Enhanced speed of Horus allowed Black Adam to fly while also increasing the superhuman reflexes that allowed him to face heroes like the Flash.

The Strength of AMUN (Black Adam Power)

The Strength of AMUN Power Possessed by Black Adam

The original sources of Shazam power like Hercules abandoned the first Champion after he turned in the council of Wizards who empowered him. He replaced the stamina of Atlas with the Stamina of Shu, but he still needed to find a source of strength.

Amun is the king of the Egyptian Gods who is also often referred to as Ammon-Ra or even just Ra. Amun shared his incredible strength with Teth-Adam (making him one of the strongest DC characters). The Strength of Amun made Black Adam a powerful threat during this time as a villain but continues to help Black Adam in his quest to be a better person.

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The Wisdom of Zehuti (Black Adam’s power)

The Wisdom of Zehuti and The Power of Zeus

The Z in the word SHAZAM is referred to as the Power of Zeus, which allowed characters like Billy Batson to transform into the powerful Shazam form. While Teth-Adam gained power elsewhere, he found the Wisdom of Zehuti.

The Egyptian God of Learning is also known as Thoth, Gof of the Moon, and writing. The Wisdom of Zehuti not only provided Teth-Adam with advice and counsel as needed, but it also enhanced his senses to superhuman levels. Black Adam’s years of experience were further enhanced by the Wisdom of Zehuti, which likely helped him in his transition to Mighty Adam.

The Power of Aten (Black Adam’s Power)

The Power of Aten and The Courage of Achillies Black Adam's Power

Teth-Adam powers himself by saying the magic word ‘SHAZAM’! which serves as a contract with the mystical sources that power him. He was originally called upon the Courage of Achilles in this part of the power share agreement, though that changed after his resurrection. Black Adam replaced the power of Zeus with the Power of Aten.

All of Black Adam’s incredible abilities draw energy from Aten, who is yet another aspect of the Sun god. The Power of Aten made Black Adam one of the strongest magic users in DC. He could control and manipulate the magical lightning to both transform himself and use it offensively in battle.

The Courage of Mehen (Black Adam’s Power)

The Courage of Mehen Black Adam's Power

The ‘M’ of SHAZAM formerly stood for the speed with which he gained from Mercury, though that changed as well, and while Teth-Adam is not short on courage, he has called upon more than one god to increase that trait over the years.

When he lost the Courage of Achilles, he found a new patron god in the form of Mehen. The Egyptian snake provides Teth-Adam with both mental and physical resilience to face even the most terrifying threats. However, Mighty Adam’s enhanced healing and potential immortality are also the gifts provided by Mehen to make Mighty Adam even deadlier.

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