10 Thanos Most Powerful Weapons in Marvel Comics

10 Thanos Most Powerful Weapons in Marvel Comics

In Marvel Comics, Thanos is regarded as the most powerful and dangerous being in the entire Universe. While one of the Mad Titan’s most famous weaponsThe Infinity Gauntletwas also being shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron (Post Credit Scene), Avengers Infinity War, the monstrous villain actually has an entire stock of terrifying and dangerous weapons at his disposal.

Thanos is the result of a controversial experiment to create Eternal Life by harnessing Deviant genes, which took place on the moon Titan and resulted in Thanos and his brother Eros. The violent and rebellious Thanos has been behind major Major Comic Crossover like –

In these comic book series, he has used a terrifying array of diverse and deadly weapons, often guided by his unhealthy obsession with the living embodiment of Death.

So we have listed the 10 deadliest weapons in Thanos’s arsenal-

10. Sanctuary

Santuary Thanos Ship

Sanctuary is an ever-expanding spaceship Thanos uses as his home base, and it is one of the most powerful and deadly ships in the entire Marvel Universe. This ship is called ‘Zero-Sanctuary’ by Thanos’s adopted daughter Gamora. Thanos has had at least 3 ‘ Sancturary-class’ ships as he travels the galaxies in search of ultimate power.

Gamora described Thanos’s ship as a haunted house rather than a spaceship. Sanctuary has winding hallways that lead to nowhere, allowing Mad Titan to hunt and kill his own crew when his bloodlust is upon him. Sanctuary has been described as one of the deadliest ships in the galaxy, including all but unbeatable energy-reflecting shields and nuclear missiles that can devastate entire planets.

9. Stasis Gun

Stasis Gun

After the God of Thunder went insane due to the malicious of the Mind Valkyrie in Thor Blood&Thunder, the rampaging Asgardian killed multiple powerful cosmic heroes like Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Sif, Adam Warlock, Gamora, Moon Dragon, and the Silver Surfer.

Finally desperate to end his reign of terror, the Surfer and Infinity Watch contacted Thanos and requested his help in taking Thor down. After almost losing to him in a physical battle against Thor, who possessed the Power Stone, Thanos broke out for his stasis rifle.

An experimental gun of his own creation, Thanos uses his Stasis rifle to stop an enraged Thor with a single shot, encasing the god in an unbreakable Stasis cube. Thanos’s son Thane would eventually develop a very similar power, hinting that the experimental rifle may have imprinted in Thanos’s DNA – a small price to pay for being able to stop the God of Thunder in his tracks, as seen in Silver Surfer #88 by Ron Marz and Andy Smith.

8. The Eternals

The Eternals

Keiron Gillen and Esab Ribic’s recent run on the Eternals deepened the already impressive lore of the celestial’s favored creations, and it also led to Thanos being voted in as prime Eternal after his murder of Zuras.

During his recent stint as Prime Eternal, Mad Titan was able to command the entire Eternal species on a genetic level, unleashing them on his enemies – for example – destroying the Deviant City of Lemuria and almost wiping out the Deviants for good.

The 100 godlike Eternals may be the single greatest fighting force in the history of the Marvel Universe, and if Mad Titan was not betrayed by Druig, he would have destroyed the Deviants, Avengers, and Earth itself with ease.

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7. Black Bolt

Black Bolt as Thanos Weapon

The comic Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s Thanos #14 (2016) – part of Thanos Win’s arc – saw a future version of the Mad Titan, King Thanos, recounting his violent, treacherous rise to power which led to the near obliteration of all life in the galaxy by the time his quest was accomplished.

Mad Titan was finally confronted by a group of Celestials, who attempted to stop Titan’s mad reign. Unfortunately for the Celestials, Titan did manage to capture and enslave the Inhuman King Black Bolt, turning him into of the most powerful heroes in Marvel History into an anti- Celestial Weapon.

Shockingly, it’s not the only time Mad Titan has chosen to turn Blackbolt into a weapon, suggesting a secret delight in turning a noble king into a weapon of destruction.

6. The Herald’s Urn

Heralds Urn Thanos Weapon

One of the most terrible weapons ever created by Thanos is actually the one that he never himself used, dying before he could return to the Asgardian realm of Nidavellir and claim the wildly powerful Herald’s Urn.

As the name suggests, the Herald’s Urn is a weapon created from the power Cosmic left in the corpse of Galactus’s first herald known as ‘the fallen’ made by the famous dwarves of Nidavellir. As described in Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, and John McCrea’s Yondu #2.

Thanos was killed in this Annihilation Wave war before collecting it, and it was passed around the galaxy before being given to the people of Galador to reignite life on their planet.

5. Synthetic Soul Gem

Synthetic Soul Gem Thanos Weapon

Nearly a decade before Thanos Attempted to obtain the Infinity Gems during the Infinity Gauntlet Saga, the Mad Titan made a devastating plan to gather the stones and literally extinguish all the stars in the Universe by focusing their power on a synthetic soul gem “egg”. slaughtering untold trillions and winning the favor of his mistress Death.

Opposed by Adam Warlock, one of Mad Titan’s greatest recurring rivals throughout the cosmos, Thanos collected the 5 Infinity Stones before Iron Man was able to destroy the egg, preventing Thanos’s Plans from being successful in Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 (1976) from Jim Starlin. Although his Synthetic Soul Gem would have been a far less versatile weapon than the Gaunlet, and much more unwidely, if used correctly it would have most likely killed even more than Snap made by Thanos.

4. Cosmic Cube

Cosmic Cube Thanos Weapon

Even before a single-minded obsession with the Infinity Stones, the Mad Titan sought ultimate power in the form of a Cosmic Cube. Cosmic Cubes are devices created by various civilizations that are able to harness reality-wrapping energy from the realm of the powerful Beyonders.

In his attempts, to win the hand of Death, who he has been obsessed with since she corrupted him in his childhood, Thanos eventually discovered a Cosmic Cube, after which he asked it to grant him omnipotence.

Thanos made a major mistake was discarding the Cube after he had used it because he was able to finally able to defeat Captain Marvel the Avengers found the Cube and destroyed it, thus depowering Thanos before he was able to wreak galactic destruction in Captain Marvel #33, from Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart.

3. Infinity Gaunlet

Infinity Gaunlet as favorite Thanos Weapon

Undoubtedly the most well-known, the deadliest weapon, in Thanos’s armory is his Infinity Gauntlet, which he created to store the power of the Infinity Stones, successfully, collecting them from various Elders of the Universe.

In a horrifying moment that happened in Starlin and George Pérez’s Infinity Gauntlet saga and in Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers Infinity War, Thanos used the Infinity Stones to execute his most famous plan of wiping out half of all life in MCU known as the ‘BLIP‘.

Thanos from the comics did this simply to win the love and affection of Death, something that actually backfired after Death told him he was now more powerful than her, which did not buy her love. While Adam Warlock and the rest of the cosmos were able to stop Thanos and reverse his snap, the incredibly powerful Gauntlet will go down as the Mad Titan’s most iconic weapon.

2. Infinity Hammer

Infinity Hammer Thanos Weapon

One of Thanos’ greatest weapons, a terrifying and deadly upgrade to the Infinity Gauntlet, hasn’t even been officially seen yet. For over two years now, Thor has been haunted by horrifying dreams of a Black Winter-empowered with the six Infinity Stones – and controlling a battalion of undead Avengers.

Thor’s nightmares of this Infinity Hammer-wielding Thanos have the God of Thunder on the Mad Titan’s trail, but it seems he’s chasing his own death if the vision fans saw in Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matthew Wilson’s Thor run come true.

1. The Heart of the Universe

Heart of the Universe (Thanos Weapon)

The deadliest weapon Thanos has ever wielded wasn’t a physical creation, but instead, the entire essence of the galaxy called the Heart of the Universe. In Jim Starlin’s Marvel Universe: The End  while depicting events that occurred on Earth 616 is not technically canon – Thanos obtains this supreme power as the universe is on the brink of death, and uses it to become an omnipotent god more powerful than even his Infinity Gauntlet.

Surprisingly, after gaining cosmic insight, Mad Titan uses his impressive power to remake the world from ash, sacrificing himself to make sure the universe could continue in a new form. As the Thanos: Death Notes series explores how Thanos might return to the world of the living, with the help of his paramour Death, the Mad Titan status as the Universe’s most horrifying villain- the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet – might be returning, and Thanos has a vast armory of deadly weapons to bring with him.

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