Is James Gunn Bringing the Batman Who Laughs to DCU?

Is James Gunn Bringing the Batman Who Laughs to DCU?

After James Gunn and Peter Safran’s announced slate for the DC Universe, fans have been feeling all kinds of emotions. Some are giddy with excitement, some nervous with anticipation, and some are simply boycotting this part of the DCU after what happened with Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Talking about Superman, James Gunn is working really hard on the story for Superman: LegacyWhile he himself is not giving any spoilers about the film, many rumors and reports are emerging left and right. According to one report, the filmmaker is looking at audition tapes for the titular character. However, this time, what has caught the fans’ eyes is not the protagonist, but the villain instead. A report suggests that Superman: Legacy will flaunt a version of a beloved villain, Lex Luthor.

Who will be playing the Lex Luthor in James Gunn’s Superman Legacy?

Apex Lex Luthor (Alexander Luthor)

According to the report by Wrap the antagonist’s role in Superman Legacy is being labeled as ‘Apex’. This could very well be a nod to Superman’s greatest enemy – Apex Lex. Once a super-genius, businessman villain Lex Luthor gained god-like powers to become Apex Lex.

Thanks to the powers given to him by Perpetua, Apex Lex became a villain to watch out for. His bare hands were enough to deal with great, powerful heroes including Superman.

Now should Apex Lex, finds himself as the main villain in the new DC Universe movie Superman: Legacy, but now the question is who will play this role? According to the latest report by Wrap, James Gunn is looking for an actor for this role.

However, Deadline’s reporter Justin Kroll’s reported that James Gunn was looking to get someone from the Guardians of the Galaxy Star cast for this role. However, he added that there’s a strong probability that it’s not going to work for it.

Now a strong question arises

How Apex Lex and Batman who Laughs are connected?

Batman who laughs

Straight from Earth-22, The Batman Who Laughs is the dark version of Bruce Wayne and the leader of the Secret Six. He belongs to the Dark Multiverse. He is also known as the ‘The Darkest Knight‘, he somehow managed to make Perpetua choose him over Lex Luthor as her lieutenants.

Apex Lex vs Batman who laughs
Apex Lex vs The Darkest Knight

A terrifying fusion of Batman and the Joker, the Batman Who Laughs once stood face-to-face with Lex and his friends. While the former might have thought that he defeated the Latter, Lex stood up despite his injuries and stabbed the darkest knight.

The knife’s blade had the antidote to his dark infection which caused freedom to those who were infected by Batman who Laughs.

After that Apex Lex transports Perpetua back along with Batman Who Laughs, but Perpetua backstabs Lex and he loses all his powers and sends him to Earth-0.

So, is Batman Who Laughs will be seen in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe?

Batman Who Laughs Earth 22

As we have stated earlier, Apex Lex will be making his debut in DC Universe Chapter 1 movie Superman: Legacy, there is a strong possibility that sometime in the future, the Darkest Knight could come to find him. If the fan following this character is bringing him to the DCU.

However, this dark version of Batman is a seriously dark character in DC and DCU will have to turn its heel to a dark territory. Looking at the way things are going and the fact that Superman: Legacy is going to stay as far as possible from the dark side because there is still a long way to go before DCU, I am sure they can make space for the Darkest Night.

Will Dark Nights: Metal Get a Movie Adaptation?

In the comic books, Dark Nights: Metal saw many dark versions of Batman including the Batman Who Laughs. Now, thanks to the multiverse being a hot, hot, hot topic, there is a strong possibility that the Dark Universe will be unveiled sometime in the future. DCU’s upcoming film, The Flash, has already opened the doors to this by stumbling into the multiverse.

And since Gunn seems to be all about bringing new comic book characters, especially the super-villains, to the big screen it might not be too surprising that the Batman Who Laughs is one of them.

Not only will this be an incredibly entertaining watch, but it will also put the DCU levels above the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the competition is tough, it might just be what this superhero universe needs.

Superman: Legacy is all set to release in theatres on July 11, 2025.

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