Why DCU Requires Heroes like Grant Gustin Flash

Why DCU Requires Heroes like Grant Gustin Flash

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran reimagined the DCU, The Flash movie will take back the audience at the beginning of the Snyderverse. It will likely be the franchise’s last film to go around the Snyderverse. Yet the Multiverse’s other Flash, Grant Gustin, is the kind of hero the DC Universe needs despite DC’s poor reputation for having an edge.

When Zack Snyder was asked to imagine the DCEU, Marvel Studios painted him into a corner with muted color grading. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was already a big, bright comic world with moral heroes. Zack Snyder’s only option was to go darker, which fit the age of DC Comics and James Gunn grew up reading.

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DC allows told darker stories, swearing in the pages long before Marvel. Still, Barry Allen is a sweetheart in any universe and Ezra Miller’s portrayal isn’t far from Grant Gustin’s. A self-proclaimed Superman, superfan Grant Gustin infused his Barry Allen with many pure, moral qualities associated with Kal-El.

He’s a hero because he wants to be and even tries to save villains. The new DCU has to remember that it’s okay if some heroes are just good.

The Movie Flash is settled in a different universe, and CW Flash is in a different universe

Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller in The Flash

Both Barrys are relatively forthright in their desire to save people’s lives with their powers. The thing Ezra Miller’s Flash is wrestling with in the movie is something Grant Gustin’s Flash dealt with years ago. Also, while not a killer himself, Ezra Miller is fine teaming up with heroes without that synergy.

Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller Flash

The Key part of TV Flash’s alliance with Green Arrow was that Arrow stopped killing people. In many ways, Grant Gustin’s Flash is a stereotypical do-gooder. That’s why so many kids grew up loving him and the Arrowverse.

Even in Season 9 (The Final Season) of Flash, the storytellers of the Flash still present him as that kind of puer hero. Flash has teamed up with a group of villains, but he doesn’t threaten them but rather implores them to make the right choice.

Those days are gone when he used to put them in their own little prison. More often than not, we see him fighting the villains. DC can use a few more like these heroes in movies.

How Grant Gustin can be perfect at DCU?

Whether it’s the future DC Universe Flash, Grant Gustin could become the perfect Flash and pure-of-heart hero. The most fabulous thing about Grant Gustin as The Flash is not its superspeed or high-tech gadgets, it’s Barry Allen having faith in people and his commitment to saving the lives of his enemies grows stronger with time.

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