DC Universe Chapter 1: 10 Most Powerful character so far

DC Universe Chapter 1: 10 Most Powerful character so far

James Gunn’s DC Universe Chapter 1 already features some of the most powerful DC characters, many of which never appeared in the DCEUSuperman: Legacy, Gunn’s upcoming Superman reboot, will be the start of a new DC Universe Chapter 1. It is still unclear which actors from the original DCEU will return in the new franchise. Regardless, Gunn’s DC franchise is a reboot that will introduce several new characters.

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DC Universe Chapter 1’s: Gods and Monsters refers to the initial slate of movies and TV shows produced by DC Studios. The upcoming DC slate includes reboots of established characters, such as Superman: Legacy and The Brave and The Bold, as well as projects centered on lesser-known names.

Here are the 10 strongest superheroes in James Gunn’s DC Universe Chapter 1 so far.

10. Booster Gold

Michael Carter may not have any superpowers, but Booster Gold’s suit and tech make him one of the most powerful heroes in the new DC Universe Chapter 1 so far. While not much is known about the upcoming Booster Gold TV show, it is safe to assume that the DC Universe Chapter 1 will keep Booster Gold’s origin story and set of powers.

As such, Michael Carter is expected to have a power suit that grants him super strength, enhanced stamina, the ability to create energy fields, and the ability to shoot energy blasts. In addition to all of those powers, Booster Gold can time travel. Therefore, despite his non-serious personality, Booster Gold cannot be overlooked.

9. Eric Frankenstein

There are a couple of versions of the Frankenstein monster in DC Comics, and Eric Frankenstein will now join James Gunn’s DC Universe Chapter 1 in Creature Commandos. The Creature Commandos can be described as a Suicide Squad of monsters, and Eric Frankenstein is set to be one of its strongest members.

Firstly, Eric Frankestein is only technically alive, which means that he technically cannot die. In addition, DC’s Frankenstein creature has super strength and super durability, which makes him a perfect weapon. Eric Frankestein is also extremely qualified in hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons.

8. The Bride

The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein, who will also be in the DC Universe Chapter 1’s Creature Commandos show, has a similar set of powers to that of Eric Frankenstein. The Bride has superhuman strength, super durability, and extended stamina. Similar to Eric Frankenstein, the Bride is immortal, as she is technically a zombie.

That makes her a valuable asset for SHADE, or in this case, ARGUS. Perhaps the only advantage that the Bride of Frankenstein has over Eric is her extra pair of arms. It is difficult to say how Eric Frankenstein and the Bride’s powers will be translated to the screen in Creature Commandos.

However, in terms of comics, they should be among Chapter 1’s strongest characters.

7. The Doctor

Doctor the Authority

James Gunn’s DC Universe Chapter 1 is bringing the Authority to the big screen for the first time since the team debuted in the WildStorm comics. Which characters will be part of The Authority’s lineup has yet to be revealed. However, it is safe to assume that Jeroen Thorndike, the Doctor, will be part of it.

The Authority’s “Doctor” is more of a title than a superhero name, and it is passed down from one Shaman of Earth to another. Whenever the Doctor dies, he reincarnates in the form of a new Doctor, but with a twist. The new Doctor has the powers of all previous Doctors.

Therefore, the Authority’s Doctor can be described as Doctor Who meets The Last Airbender. In-universe, there were multiple Doctors before Jeroen Thorndike, which makes him the strongest of them all. The Doctor’s powers are magic-based and therefore are only limited by what the story requires. There were not too many magical heroes in the original DCEU, something that is set to change in the new DC Universe Chapter 1.

How The Authority will portray the Doctor’s magic remains to be seen, but Jeroen Thorndike is already among the new DC Universe Chapter 1’s most powerful characters.

6. Green Lantern John Stewart

Apart from a brief cameo in Justice League’s flashback sequence, the Green Lanterns were not part of the DCEU. Now, the Green Lantern Corps is expected to play a major role in James Gunn’s new DC Universe Chapter 1.

 Lanterns, an upcoming live-action DC show, will feature both John Stewart and Hal Jordan, two of the most famous human Green Lanterns. In theory, every Green Lantern has the same set of powers, which makes any comparisons between two different patrollers a bit tricky.

That said, assuming that Lanterns will stick to the usual DC Comics timeline, John should be younger than Hal. As such, John Stewart may be less experienced and slightly less powerful than Hal.

5. Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern is so far the only live-action version of Hal Jordan. More than a decade after Green Lantern (2011), Hal Jordan will return to a live-action DC property in Lanterns. As discussed in the previous item, Hal is expected to be older than John and therefore more experienced.

Hal Jordan is often described as the Green Lantern with the most willpower, which makes him a key figure in the cosmic DC Universe Chapter 1.

The Green Lantern movie only scratched the potential of just how powerful Hal Jordan can be and how his powers can be translated to the screen. Lanterns can feature an experienced Hal Jordan at the height of his powers.

4. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is one of the most powerful beings in the entire DC Universe Chapter 1. While the Swamp Thing TV show explored its titular character on a psychological level, it did not showcase how powerful Swamp Thing can be.

Now, the DC Universe Chapter 1’s Swamp Thing movie can display the character’s skills by placing him among other superheroes. Swamp Thing is connected to every plant on the planet, which gives him a god-like status.

When it comes to physical abilities, Swamp Thing has super strength, and super durability, and can alter the shape of his body at his will. Swamp Thing’s powers are only limited by his connection to the environment around him.

3. Apollo

It is difficult not to discuss Apollo’s powers without comparing him with Superman. Apollo, who is a member of the Authority, is one of the many Superman-like characters that exist in both DC and Marvel. Apollo’s powers include super strength, flying, super speed, heat vision, and invulnerability.

In addition, Apollo’s powers stem from the sun, which only adds to the comparisons between him and Superman. Apollo will likely be part of The Authority’s team roster, which means that the DC Universe Chapter 1 will have to find a way of making him different enough from Superman. Comparisons aside, Apollo should be one of the strongest characters in the DC Universe Chapter 1.

2. Supergirl

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow DC Universe Chapter 1

The Kryptonians are a force to be reckoned with in any DC Universe Chapter 1. In fact, one of the reasons why Earth is such an important planet in the DC Comics lore is that it serves as the home for at least two Kryptonians, Kal-El and Kara Zor-El.

Both Superman and Supergirl will be part of James Gunn’s DC Universe Chapter 1, with the latter receiving her own movie in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. It is still unclear whether The Flash’s Sasha Calle will reprise her role as Supergirl in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Either way, Kara is one of the strongest DC characters and can take on villains like Brainiac and Darkseid.

1. Superman

Superman is usually the center of every DC Universe Chapter 1. That was the case, for example, in the DC Animated Universe and the DCEU. This trend will continue in James Gunn’s new DC Universe Chapter 1, whose first film will be Superman: Legacy.

Not much is known about James Gunn’s Superman movie, yet the upcoming Superman reboot is expected to be a lot different from Man of Steel. On one hand, Superman: Legacy is set to be a more traditional take on Superman, which could imply a slightly less action-packed film.

On the other hand, Superman: Legacy will take place in a world where other DC heroes already exist.

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